It's good to be back in Nor Cal...!!!  

kiwiontour2 38M
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4/2/2006 2:05 pm
It's good to be back in Nor Cal...!!!

I've been back in town for four days now and it feels great!! The people here are so friendly and nice, (that may be because my accent throws them though!!), and the weather is lovely and wet!! What's happened to my endless summer that I've been having for the last 15 months? It's meant to be hot and dry and sunny here - not cold and wet and miserable!! If it hasn't cleared up a bit by tomorrow, I'm going to have to go buy some long pants - it's just not really shorts weather, is it!?!
Maybe I'm in the wrong part of California and I should be down South - is the weather better in that part of the country?
Shit, I'm sounding like a bloody whinging tourist. Anyway, it's great to back in the country and I look forward to meeting some nice new people - hopefully some who can warm me up a bit!!
Ka kite

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