kitz6 61F
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3/16/2006 5:03 am

1. Some women not wanting to hang out at the Taj for fear of being interviewed by journalists. Just don't say anything.

2. Not wanting married/attached men because cheating hurts/feeling guilty. That's HIS problem NOT yours. and That's so very JC of you. BTW I am not threat to anyone's marriage/relationship.

3. Railing against the power women have over sex. Gravity, baby. Yeah,it can be frustrating but this is the world as y'all have made it by considering 'active women' sluts, skanks, etc. What goes around...ya know? Its your turn in the line of fire.

4. Trying to find songs that go with "Teardrops" by Elizabeth Fraser and "Thief of your Heart" by. Sinead O'Connor. Any suggestions?

5. You have seen me in red dresses and black dresses, which color looks better? Take the poll. *eg*

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