The Wicked Woman Day Spa for Men  

kitz6 61F
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3/29/2006 1:04 pm

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4/1/2006 10:23 am

The Wicked Woman Day Spa for Men

The following package is available for select men.

1. a nice romp in the bed
2. shave
3. facial mask using volcanic mud
4. hair trimming - various areas
5. shoulder massage with scented oil
6. hot shower being vigorous scrubbed down using scented body wash - everywhere
7. dried with warm towels
8. anointed with scented oils - select areas
9. fellatio
10. wrapped in a warm robe and given a scotch and a cigarette and laid on a sofa and fed grapes.

This weekly treatment is esp recommended for stressed-out teddybears.

rm_smoothness84 33M

3/29/2006 2:34 pm

mmm that ass is sweett hit me up its dragonsbane2084 on yahoo

rm_in2myharley 47M

3/29/2006 2:39 pm

*thinking to myself* I am a bit stressed

rm_Shortdogg65 52M
672 posts
3/29/2006 3:04 pm

Aside from the scotch and cigarette(I don't smoke or drink)it sounds absolutely wonderful. Where do I sign up? Shortdogg

rappahannock_man 63M
1102 posts
3/29/2006 5:42 pm

See "23. am sweet but in unexpected ways"

kitz6 61F

3/29/2006 6:14 pm

Great business idea, huh? Anyone got some $$$ ?

Phineas2005 49M
854 posts
3/29/2006 6:41 pm

I had soemthing like that once at Madam Woo House of Pleasure in Chinatown in DC....

kitz6 61F

3/29/2006 7:45 pm

wrong Phin very very wrong!!! Your application has been rejected.

silverglider58 59M
111 posts
3/30/2006 1:58 am

As a longtime reader of your blog, I am positive we uncollared men would have to earn our Wicked Woman of the Day Spa for Men. And I am sure you have many select ways of having us earn this pleasure.

rm_TexNVa 50M/50F
376 posts
3/30/2006 4:06 am

Boy, I could sure use that shoulder massage. I've had a crick in one shoulder since Sunday. And I think that might be the part I enjoyed the least I prefer single malt in the quality range of Laphroaig.

rm_bobva49 58M

3/30/2006 6:46 am

Kitz, Wonderful package. What would you like from me to accomodate your offer

kitz6 61F

3/30/2006 7:10 am

Be my sex slave.

rm_bobva49 58M

3/30/2006 7:25 am

Yes ... mistress ... when can I serve you

seek_u_topia 52M

3/31/2006 2:28 pm

love it! this idea could go far...and has in other countries i suspect!

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