Re-Prints!! Squirting & The Guided Tour  

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Re-Prints!! Squirting & The Guided Tour

SquirtingI am amazed at how little even women know about their own bodies and their own sexuality. Yes, women do 'ejaculate' when they''ve just been blasted past Jupiter by an orgasm. First they cream, then they squirt. It is from the Biden glands inside the vagina and is a fluid of complex carbohydrates (tastes sweet so I have been told) released to maintain vaginal health. A woman must be both relaxed and aroused to squirt. It is NOT a water sport and it has nothing to do with urinating. It IS a testament to a male's skill. She will not squirt all of the time or every time. For specifics on how to induce squirting - ask acer57 who is a master of the art. Yes, I do squirt, tyvm. Towels!! Any questions?

The Guided Tour
Reprinted here with permission from the author himself, maybe.
As you go in you will find first a kind of squashed grape structure covered with goosebumps in the front and on the top. These goosebumps enlarge and become more prominent as her excitement mounts. Then there's a central raised area going further back with two grooves on either side. Further in, you come to a raised bar going from side to side followed by an area of washboarding.
You may not reach the bar or washboarding as she may be too excited to permit you to get back that far as she clamps down upon you or your hand. But if you stroke upwards gently while exploring these features, you just might get very very wet. *EG*

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