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kitz6 61F
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3/10/2006 7:19 am
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1. Thinking about having a group therapy/stress management session only for our Cat Toys, ie standing invitees, and packing it with women. These are men who have proven their utter delightfulness. I think they deserve and will enjoy such a "Cat Toy Appreciation" afternoon. What do you say, ladies? April 20th at noon work for you?

2. Ladies if you are SERIOUS about having excellent nsa sex with men, you have got to get in on this. The Selection Committee does a good job and you are guaranteed a good time that will have you afterglowing for days later. Couples willing to play separately are also invited.

3. I have exams and commitments coming up so other than the three or four dates I have now on the books, my time will be limited until April. C, G, T, and F excepted. I will always have time for them. And if M and C ever get it together - I am still looking for that MFM. *EG*

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