I want it clearly understood....  

kitz6 61F
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4/8/2006 1:44 pm

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4/11/2006 7:05 am

I want it clearly understood....

that the following is fiction - I am merely venting. Also be advised that I have been with him for 28 years now, and counting.

But sometimes I could just reach out and...
1. trip him down the stairs
2. strangle him
3. smother him with a pillow
4. cut his brake lines
5. knock over the jack stands
6. push over the ladder
7. get careless with a kitchen knife
8. grind up datura and insert it into his coffee
9. mix bleach and ammonia for him in a small space
10. electrocution sounds nice

He had better snap out of his funk soon!

sharewus2 41M/33F

4/8/2006 3:37 pm

i generally tend to think of #3...helps work your arms and a good way to take out extra agression...with the extra time for you decide just how committed you are. and, if you should decide to stop before the struggle is over, it would instill a healthy sense of fear.

kitz6 replies on 4/8/2006 9:30 pm:
yes, well you know I won't do any of them - but the thought did cross my mind. But he's coming out of it now.


4/8/2006 6:21 pm

ok now now I have met him he can't be that baddddddddddddddd.........lol ya ya I know they ALL can be that bad....but ya gotta luv'em .....L.

kitz6 replies on 4/8/2006 9:29 pm:
yes and so I do - really!

lowellgk 54F

4/9/2006 5:06 am

On the flip side, I suspect my spouse often has a similar list for me.

Ah, the joys of long term relationships. Can you really expect 2 people to not find fault with one another now and again? Partcularly after 28 (or, in my case, 19) years? Its remarkable that we aren't all locked up for causing bodily harm to each other.


kitz6 replies on 4/9/2006 7:40 am:
Yes I suppose there are times when I drive him crazy. Usually this results in him spending even more time out in that last bastion of the American male - the garage.

lowellgk 54F

4/9/2006 12:34 pm

Why am I reminded of the lyrics to Evita:
There is no-one, no-one at all
Never has been and never will be a lover
Male or female
Who hasn't an eye on
In fact they rely on
Tricks they can try on
Their partner
They're hoping their lover will help them or keep them
Support them, promote them
Don't blame her
You're the same

-Tim Rice, Lyricist

warmandsexy52 66M
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4/11/2006 3:12 am

28 years and you still haven't done any of those things?

Call me sentimental, but this is the greatest love I have come across since Morticia fell for Gomez Addams.

What a lucky man he must be to be married to such a feisty femme fatale.

cara mia

warm xx

kitz6 replies on 4/11/2006 7:05 am:
And why haven't I?? Because the man is just SO DAMN CUTE and then there are the puppy dog eyes, and the batting of the eyelashes, and that he makes me laugh and he is my POOKIE - I just do not stand a chance! MEN!!!

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