Situational update.....  

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4/12/2006 3:42 pm

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4/12/2006 3:50 pm

Situational update.....

Well where to start... first of all things are going wonderfully with Michelle (my old sweetheart). Last night she stopped by after work.... she works a 3-11 shift so she gets off work late... well she came by at around 11:15 and we sat and talked and kissed and cuddled till 3:00 this morning Honest injun all we did was talk (not to say that is all we have done but last night all we did was talk) I can not get enough of this woman, she has only improved with age.
We are taking things slow... as slow as possible anyway.... she has issues to work thru with her pending divorce and all, (not to say that she has issues, but there are issues to be worked thru.)
I dont know exactly what is going to happen or when it is going to happen but after 20 yrs without her, it is like a breath of fresh air in my lungs to have her with me again.

Till later

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