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CoolsDamnaFlava 45F
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6/28/2006 9:41 pm
suggestion box

just out of curiousity what makes you check some profiles out on here...i know i love younger guys so i usually read up on them for sure...if someone winks at me i check it out...and then of course there are the freaks you get emails from and you just have tooooo look!! once your in the it the pic that gets your attention or what they have to say? do you check their purity score too?

i am jsut curious what you all would like to see on my profile...any suggestions?


Tequila_princess 45F
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6/29/2006 12:54 pm

I read and its more what they have to say... Like a generic profile saying i more or less want a fuck, i usually pass up... But if they actually have something to say I'm more than likely to respond... Pics do help tho...

What i would like to see on your profile lol hummm Ill have to think on that one...


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6/29/2006 9:36 pm

Man I would like to see more of that sexy smile!!


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