how about being tied up?  

CoolsDamnaFlava 45F
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1/25/2006 10:50 pm
how about being tied up?

I hear the front door open and i run in to meet
you...wrapping my arms around your neck and kissing your lips fully you drop your briefcase and return the hug and kiss...pulling back you ask "how was your day?" with a pouty look i answer "lonely.." as my pouty look explodes into a smile you kinda chuckle...."i have a surprize for you" i whisper in your ear and then nibble your lobe lightly..."i love.." your sentence cuts off as i place a blindfold over your eyes.."wwwwhat are you doing?" you ask... "just trust me do trust me right?" i stammer over your words.."yea i ggguess i do" you take my hand and allow me to lead you...with your other hand you feel out knowing we are walking down the hallway...your heart wonder is it from excitement or from the fear that you are gonna stumble over something and land flat on your face...your
thoughts are interupted as your nostrils fill with a musky sweet recognize to be our smile and think yea i am gonna get laid! i tell you to take a seat and you do as you are soon as your ass touches the chair you feel the stockings slide around your start to protest "what are you doing ?" you asks as you pull away..i grab your arm and tell you to calm down you will love this...relaxing and knowing you can trust me
you allow me to tie your wrists to the chair....after you are securely tied to the chair i pull your blindfold off..your eyes adjust quickly to the room...there are candles burning and you notice the soft music look down and see your chair is directly infront of the bed...and the pillows are kinda stacked
as if someone is gonna prop themselves up to look around and see me standing in a black teddy with black stockings and a garter...yousmile..."i love you in that" i smile and say "i know" i walk infront of you and lossen your tie as i grind my hips down on your lap to sit....i lean forward and place my lips on yours and i run my tongue lightly across your lips then parting your lips i lick your tongue you can taste the sweetness of my mouth as your tongue darts into my mouth as you and i both feel you
responding other ways...i grin as we are kissing and say " i can feel you like this" and i grind my hips a little moan and say "god yes i like this..untie me and i can help you like it as much" i laugh softly.."oh i am enjoying it..i promise" i pull myself off your lap and turn with my back facing you..."let me show you how much i am enjoying this" i bend down and slip my panties off over the garter....letting you watch my panties slide over my sweet ass and down my long tan legs...i turn to face you as i kick my panties off to the side....i instantly see the bulge in your trousers...i smile and lean back on the bed sitton down and spreading my legs so that you can see my shaven wet pussy... you swallow hard "is it warm in here?" i chuckle "mmmm
yes it is warm in here but it is also wet.." i slide my hand down as one of my fingers trace the slit to my pussy...dipping in and pulling the wetness to the see the glistening wetness on my lips as i place my mouth on my finger and suck all my juices off i keep my eyes locked on you..."oh god baby...let me taste that finger" you groan...i just smile and slide my hands up my thighs and let my one hand spread my pussy lips as my fingers trace over my clit...rubbing it lightly at first but speeding up
as the wetness starts to ooze from my hole...i let the finger go down and slide into the hole you can hear the juices as my finger pushes thru them and it makes you cock throb between your wish you were naked so your cock could burst out of these restricting clothes...
just then i get on my knees and reach behind me and you see my viberator in my hand and i slide it in to my pussy and fuck myself good with can feel the sweat beads dripping off your brow and the precum forming at the opening of your cock.."baby please..let me ..." your interupted as i start to moan and groan thrusting my dildo deeper and deeper in my pussy,,,you
can see the juices running over my hand and your mouth waters....


rm_lustyfun2003 67M

1/26/2006 2:18 am

Oh please finish this story......very very erotic Hunney, just as you are.

tdkcdr2 58M
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1/29/2006 10:12 am

Very nice! Honney, you can write!!! Do some more.

fotopanter 60M

1/30/2006 8:48 am

hunny, how can I function out in public with my light switch in the "up and on" position. Your stories are great. Or are they from notes of real life events. Let me finish the story with you so that everyone else can read about it!

You can shoot but I like to expose

rm_colt4521950 67M
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1/30/2006 2:59 pm

please finish the story....please...

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