4th of July in Feb?  

CoolsDamnaFlava 45F
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2/8/2006 8:46 pm
4th of July in Feb?

we arrive at the park for the fireworks we fine a semi secluded area and lay our blanket down..we lie down and get comfortable waiting for the dusk to get darker so we can see fire works...you have your arm around me and i have my head laying on your shoulder...one of my legs thrown lightly over yours..i feel you kiss my forehead and smile...as i run my hand down your chest
and to the bottom of your shirt...i slide my hand up it and drag my fingernails lightly across your soft tummy....feeling you inhale deeply...i let my hand run up and across your nipple as my fingers pinch lightly..rolling it between my fingers...you breath deep again...whispering "be good" i kinda laugh and swear "i am" you chuckle and think 'no your not' but you dont voice that cause my hands on you are driving your body crazy...you feel your shorts starting to
tighten as you think about how good my fingers feel on your nipple...you slide your hand up my arm slightly squeezing..suddenly you feel your shirt being dragged up your torso....you sigh as my mouth covers your nipple sucking and running my tongue over the hard nipple...i hear you softly whisper "oh babe.." your voice trailing off to a soft moan...my lips moving over your skin kissing lightly making little nibbles
as i move lower on your tummy...taking nips of yur
skin..inhaling your scent...the mixture of your
cologne and body...you hear me "mmmmmmmmm" you chuckle with that deep sexy voice of yours....my finger runs along your shorts as my soft full lips move along your tummy....your hips thrusting to meet my mouth as your hands pull me away softly...."be good" you moan...i smile and say "i am" as my mouth continues to move over the cloth of your red shorts..."oh god baby..wh..wha..what are you...." you feel my warm mouth pressing aginst your hard cock...my tongue draggin along the shaft of you cock thru your shorts...my hot breath on your cock you tremble...opening your eyes you see that darkness has started setting in now...you left your hips as my hands pull on your shorts and boxers...you let me pull them down...thinking 'shes crazy'...leaning over
my hands sliding up your thighs my mouth close to your cock...you can feel my breath on the head....you moan running your fingers thru my hair....wanting my mouth on your cock....suddenly you feel my tongue over your cock in small circles...flicking it gently...you groan
"ohhh god baby...yea"...my moth moving a slow motion over yur cock....swallowing you..feeling yur balls on my chin...my head bobbing up and down...you can hear the sucking noises...and hope no one is close enough ot hear but turn on slightly more on the fact that they might...you feel my mouth fucking you...your hips start to thrust into my mouth your hands on my head
pulling me harder on your cock....feeliong your
muscles tighten and your body trembling as you buck faster and guide my head harder.....just as you feel your cock start to erupt you hear a big

you open your eyes as you fill my hot mouth with your warm juices....just in time to seethe first firework light up the sky....you can feel my mouth milking all your cum out of your cock....i pull off you cock and help you back into your shorts...i cuddle next to you and you whisper "you are so bad"....i whipser back "no
i think i was very good"....


ldsforcheating 67M
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2/9/2006 10:18 am

As we cuddle, watching the fireworks, I slide my hand down your tummy to your pussy. I massage your pussy while the fireworks light up the night sky. Seeing thay you haven't moved my hand, I slide it under your cloths and stroke your pussy. Feeling your wetness, it stirs a stiffness within me.

I'm not longer watching the fireworks, watching as I remove your cloths. Revealing a tasty pussy. I kiss, suck and lick your pussy. Increasing the emotion until your body explodes in unison with firework finale.

As I graze into your eyes, I whipser "I want to fuck you".

tdkcdr2 58M
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2/10/2006 9:57 am

I think you should market these bed time stories. They're great!

Tequila_princess 45F
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2/17/2006 7:59 am

you sexy bitch...


BBW's For Pleasure and Fun! come join and have fun!

kiwikid477 62M
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3/22/2006 7:56 pm

I can't wait for the next fireworks display where ever I am in the world with my wife I am going to re-enact this lovely story but with me being the good guy. great story

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