kittens story  

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3/24/2006 4:53 pm
kittens story

Things had gotten boring in Kitten's relationship. She had been with Jeff for about a year now, and had found that she was a little more adventurous than he was. she was not all that experienced and neither was he, but SHE wanted to spice things up and was open about learning. He on the other hand seem to be embarrassed about sex. From time to time Kitten had tried to get him to watch porn, she LOVED porn but he acted as if it wasnt right to have at home, she bought him a subscription to Playboy too, and though she KNEW he had been reading them, he wouldnt in front of her. This embarrassment problem, WAS a problem.When they came to the mall Jeff decided to go look in the computer store like, he always did, and leave her to go to the clothes shops, what he didnt know about this time was she was going to buy some things to spice things up... the lingerie shop!! This lingerie shop had all the classy things, but the reason Kitten picked this one was because she knew it had the other kind too. Little schoolgirl outfits, leather, lace, catwoman suits, gothic things... all types of sexy outfits. Kitten had always had a thing for the little shcoolgirl stuff. Not only that she thought she fit the mold and looked HOT like that., but it made her hot to see other girls dressed that way., especially if they could pull off young looks well. This store even had a little section of toys that were hidden away from the public eye, "in the back" so to speak. She had been in here before, with other girls but had never been brave enough to buy anything. The girls here in sales were very forward, it was somewhat embarrassing to a newbie like her.Today though she was determined, she walked in and started looking at the schoolgirl things. There were so many sexy things. Hair accessories, stockings that didnt quite make it up under the skirts, knee sox, white cotton panties that said things on them like "Tighter than Brittany", thongs of all sorts, pleated skirts, bras of all types, little half shirts, button down shirts. She could see the toys in the back room at the angle she was at on the little rack... paddles, vibrators, dildos.. it was overwhelming. Her heart was racing and she could feel she was a little excited when of a sudden someone touched her shoulder! "Schoolgirl too huh?!?" The sales girl was petite, just like Kitten and she was dressed as a schoolgirl, wow she looked great!! Kitten replied "UM, yes... I think, it is very hot, but I dont know if I could pull it off like you do!" "Well lets just see about that." said the sales girl who's name was Celie. Celie grabbed a few things off the rack in quick succession, Kitten not even seeing what she had grabbed. Then she grabbed Kittin by the hand and fairly pulled her to a large private dressing room, ut rather than staying outside she went in also. The dressing room was larger than most with a few places to sit down and mirrors all over the place. Celie said,"what makes you think you can't pull of a schoolgirl? You are built just like me! I love the way these things affect men.... and women." She smiled slyly at Kitten as she said it too "Don't you like the way I look in this?? Look at the way these make my ass look!!" with that she turned around and flipped up her skirt and spread hear legs about shoulder width apart and bent over VERY Slowly... the panties creeping up into her ass crack and outlining her pussy lips.... GOD SHE WAS HOT! They even looked a little wet, or so it seemed...Kitten just stared feeling her pussy was like a waterfall and surely this girl would notice, with that thought she snapped out of it and looked to find somewhere else to let her eyes settle., when they found somewhere it was the Celie's eyes., who were looking right back at her. She knew. Further... she wanted Kitten to stare... she ran her hand up her legs and barely brushed the crotch of her white cotton panties and moaned a little. Then she stood up... turned around and said. "Right, well lets try some of this stuff on you!"without asking she approached Kitten and started undoing her things. Before she knew it she was naked... and it was certainly apparent that she had been affected. Her nipples were like bullets and her pussy was soaked... hopefully Celie couldn't tell that! Celie ran her hands all over Kittens shoulders, breasts, back (this was just too much) saying "I have to get a feel for how you are built to choose a shirt for you honey. Just relax, you seem so nervous." After a few mins she picked out a tight fitting shirt that she said would look best with no bra. It was white and once on Kitten's nipples poked through the thin, almost see through material. Celie then brought out the white thigh highs and had Kitten step into them one at a time making sure they went on snug, running her hands up and down • Kitten's legs slowly, firmly. Then she was offered her choice of two skirts, both slutty short, with pleats and a plaid de'sign. Kitten timidly picked the blue/green one, which got a perky "Good choice!" from Celie. After it was on, Celie asked "Are ^ you wearing this for someone special sweetheart?" Kitten replied, "urn, yes, my boyfriend." "Oh he is going to love you in this!", said Celie. "only one thing leff'The panties were draped over the backs of one of the chairs, some were thongs, but most were white cotton with a print on them of some type, apparently Celie was a traditionalist! Some said things. Kitten was a little indecisiye, she just wanted to get this done and get out of here, before she exploded and this girl would know what she had been thinking. Finally Kitten just said, "Celie, you seem to have good tastes, you just pick a pair for me." At this Celie said "Ok" and walked close to Kitten. This was a surprise and suddenly Kitten found herself standing there with
Celie kneeling in front of her..... at first her hands felt cold on her ass cheeks
then they got warm. IT was divine! She had dreamed about a woman touching her and thought about if while Jeff fucked her many times, though she figured Jeff would NEVER approve. Celie ran her hands around her hip and across her abdomen where Kitten had shaven her pussy, then back around to her ass., fingers slipping neatly into her ass crack and down to her thighs and back up. As one of her fingers made its way between her legs a little it touched Kitten's pussy... and it got wet.... REALLY wet. As Celie brough her hand back around and looked at her fingers there glistening, it was almost too much to bear, "well said Celie, I am not sure I can nave you putting any of THOSE on, pointing at the panties. It looks like you will have to wear these. And with that she pulled up her skirt and showed Kitten her panties which had a print of a little girl on them with a sucker and said "Hi DADDY!" on them. She pulled them down exposing a perfect little pussy., slightly darker lips than Kitten and a big wet spot in the panties. As she stepped out of them and held them out for Kitten to step into she said "I hope you dont mind, but I can't have you getting those wet with as excited as you are and I am already VERY excited... you .. urn.. well you look so good in that."AS she pulled them up Kitten didn't know whether to stop her or not, but couldn't bring herself too, she was NEVER this turned on. AS she pulled them up and the wetness came together Kitten felt a little orgasm send a shock through her.... and as Celie stood up with them bringing them into place she just moved forward and kissed Kitten directly on the mouth. Before she could stop herself Kitten was kissing her back ferociously., it all let go in her. Kitten ran her hands oyer celie's ass under her skirt and feeling her wet slid a finger in, while still french kissing her violently. Celie's hand also was fingering Kitten now., two fingers inside, then three.... finally she Celie said, "Lay down 9n the bench." It as an order, Kitten did it immediately and before she knew it Celie's tongue was playng her twat like and instrument! Her tongue parting Kitten's lips and then sliding in and out of her hole, then back up and licking all over her clit. Then she sucked her clit hard and then tongued it again., finally moving down and sucking her pussy lips into her mouth rolling them., tonguing them. Her tongue even licked her ass a few times when going down to her pussy, that felt great too... this was a girl that knew girls! It didn't take long!
Kitten arched her back and stifled a moan so the people outside wouldnt hear and then let go cumming two or three times in quick succession. She was almost embarrassed as to the power of it, imagining she might drown this beautiful girl with her mouth on her. As she cleaned Kitten's pussy with her mouth, she did it lovingly. The Celie stood up and said "You taste soo good. I want to do that more, but I have to get back out there now! I want you to take my number and if you or your and your husband need anymore schoolgirls to be in class with you, make it ME!"
She turned as she went out and said "Keep the panties sexy, I will get them back later..." and winked. Kitten felt used, satisfied, shocked still, curious, horny... many things., but she knew she had started down a road she had wanted to travel.... and... she knew Jeff was going to get the fucking of a lifetime tonight!!!
Kitten's ReturnAll the way home in the car, with Jeff driving, Kitten squirmed and wondered how Jeff couldn't tell she was excited. Hell, excited wasn't the word! She had almost forgotten to even take off the schoolgirl outfit before leaving the dressing room. She had remembered though and put on the skirt and shirt she nad worn... stuffed her panties into her purse and had worn Celie's panties.Upong arriving home she knew she had to give it a little time before she attacked Jeff or it would seem suspicious, so*she went upstairs and furiuosly masturbated in the bathroom for a few minutes to tide herself over, once she had showered, hidden Celie's panties in her secret stash, which included, lube, some erotic stories and a small glass dildo, she dressed herself in some short shorts, and a tight shirt and headed downstairs to make them something light to eat. She sure didnt want him filling up considering the type of sex she wanted out of him. The evening went pretty much as planned. She fed him, strutted around in her tight shirt and pants until she was sure he had noticed. Put on a movie she was sure he wasn't interested in, layed her head in his lap, massaged his cock through his shorts, aroused him.. sucked him., and fucked him right there on the couch. He really did have a nice cock. Not too long, but thick and lots of cum...lots of cum. Sometimes Kitten liked to think of 3eff as some type of porn start with the way he could cum... but he was shy about squirting it anywhere. Sometimes when he came in her mouth, she would walk quickly into the bathroom and close the door so he would think she was cleaning up and she would spit it back out all over her tits, belly and pussy and
rub it around and masturbate some more. If he only knew.....
It was only the next day that Kitten realized that even though Celie had said she wanted Kitten to take her number... she had never gotten it. when she got out of the dressing room she had felt embarrassed like others might know what had been going on and she had laid the clothes on a cart and taken off. That was stupid, here she had met THE girl she knew she wanted to have a relationship with and had blown it. Well she was not going to let this opportunity go! She was going back the lingerie store today.
When Kitten walked in the store, she immediately saw Celie in the back hovering near a customer, a heavy-set wife type that was looking at a big overstuffed robe. She was dressed as a gothic girl today and WOW did she look sexy. Vinyl lace up boots with big soles, thigh highs, a black skirt that was so short that when she swayed you could see her black thongs... and a black bustier that made her look like her tits were bigger than they actually were. Hair in two pony-tails, one on each side of her head. ' Dark eye make-up and very dark red lipstick. OUCHllnstant wet.... only this time Kitten hadn't worn any panties. She had actually fantisized about it on the way over. Celie seeing her and being relieved that she came back since she forgot the number, reaching under her skirt as she kissed to see if Kitten had worn her panties and finding NONE! She started towards her knowing that it was going to be just like that. She would be horny on seeing Kitten and it would start all over.
But, when she approached her and looked at her... nothing. Celie said "Yes, Miss can I help you?" leaving the side of the older woman. A little let down Kitten said, "It's me." Before she could really get her balance back, celie had passed her and picked out a few conservative gowns and walked towards one of the dressing rooms motioning for Kitten to follow, she opened a door and headed over to the desk and plucked something from behind the counter and then helped Kitten into the room, looking as if she wasn't even going to come in, then at the last second swung in the door and flung herself on Kitten french kissing her DEEP, pressing her tits to Kitten's. A wave of relief flooded Kitten and her heart kept beating fast, but this time for another reason, celie backed off as if to take Kitten in, looking at her appreciatively. "Did you wear my panties home?" Kitten relplied, "Yes."Celie then asked, "Did you fuck your husband silly?""OH yes!" was Kitten's response. "Look what I wore for you today." with that, Kitten raised her skirt and showed Celie her pussy... Celie1s eyes lit up and she made no attempt to hide the fact that she -slipped a hand in her panties in front and started to finger herself. "All for me baby?" Celie said."YES IT IS! I have been thinking about your mouth since last night being ... down there., on my pussy. But this time, Celie... I WANT YOU!" Celie being the take charge of the two wasted no time. She pulled the bench out from the wall and placed in the center of the room. She faced away from Kitten and very slowly pulled her panties down bending over as she did it exposing her perfect little ass and her shaven pussy fully from behind. IT was heaven. Pink inside where it spread a little... the lips a little darker., already glistening with her juices!! Then she walked over dramatically, like a stripper and layed down on the bench... legs open WIDE and said. "Come to mama baby!" As Kitten started to kneel down to start exploring Celie, and learn what to do suddenly Celie said "No you don't honey... 69 or nothing at all. I want that pretty pusssy all over MY mouth again too!" Kitten said, half jokingly, "Yes Ma'am.", and straddled the bench placing her cunt directly over Celie s face. Immediately Celie dove in, licking and Kissing Kittens vulva, lips, clitoris, running.her tongue deep into where Jeff's cock had been last night. This was heav*en. Kitten then realized what was awaiting her and looked down into that beautiful WET WET flower that was between Celie's legs. It was like something out of a porn magazine, model quality, perfect, it was a little more spread now and Kitten could see how pink it looked on the inside, could smell her excitement, and see the juices almost dripping. She licked it and found that it tasted good, sweet, and loved the gooey feeling of it on her tongue. Her pussy was on fire as Celie lapped it like it was honey.
Kitten made love to that twat like it was the first boy she made out with. She was not experienced at this but knew what she liked and tried to do that to Celie.. it must have been working because Celie squirmed and moaned as she ate. They got into a good rythm and it was going well, she thinking she might make Celie cum., then she felt the toy... long, thin, a little cold. It must have been what celie had grabbed from the counter, it slid into her pussy a few times and warmed a little., it was very small though and after Jeff it didn't seem sufficient, but Celie's mouth was wonderful. Then suddenly it was withdrawn and Kitten was sure Celie must hav^ thought the same thing about the size. It was then that she felt smooth toy enter her anus... all at once too., still Tubed from her pussy and being small it just glided in., then back out .. then in again... Kitten had never really had anal sex, she had thought about it plenty, but Jeff just didn't seem like he was interested. She had fingered a little and thought about using her toy there, but thought it might be best to do it first with someone that knew what it was all about. Apparently Celie did! It actually felt strange at first, but it was just because it was a new experience. With Celie's mouth steadily licking her pussy and sucking her lips she was in no mood to worry about it and in a few moments she realized that she was rocking her hips to help Celie slide it in and out of her asshole. The little toy was just perfect for this, starting her out on anal, and thought Celie must have guessed she would need something small and this was made for it. Kitten ate Celie's pussy and fingered her all the while envying the new anal stimulation and the mouth on her cunt, and she went into her own little world. As if no more than a moment had passed she realized that he had stopped licking Celie completely, was moaning rather loud, was humping her mouth and the toy voilently and was ready to cum!! She started to try to calm down but she felt Celie's other hand come down on her ass in a slap hard, making a loud noise and her clit being sucked hard... she exploded. She came several times from the feelings running through her and her legs began to f shake. After a few mintues, celie slid her off the bench on the the floor and got up... as she slide to the floor Kitten felt the little toy slip out of her asshole and almost immediately missed it there. To her suprise when Kitten looked in Celie's hand to see the toy she had been enjoying she saw a plastic, felt-tipped type marker with the cap still on!!! Celie smiled as she looked at it and said, "We have to use what we can sometimes don't we little one?" A marker., even though Kitten thought she should feel strange for some reason she was even more turned on... this girl could accomplish this with a marker, think what they would be able to do with some REAL time on their hands.celie sat up and said, "I am going to get in trouble again if I don't hurry love, but this time you are NOT forgetting my number." With that she quickly uncapped the marker and in black ink wrote her number above Kitten's pussy on her skin. God she was hot! She couldn't let Jeff find that shouldnt be that hard though, she would just shower and get it off... she hoped it came off quickly. Before Kitten could stop her, Celie sucked each of Kitten's nipples into her mouth, making Kitten close her eyes in pleasure. Then suddly the marker was on her and Celie had written something on her chest that Kitten couldn't quite see... she then got up and walked out. she had a habit of just leaving quickly! As Kitten stood there naked, she looked in the mirror and
there backwards written on her tits were the words....."Celie's Slut!"... truth of
the matter is... she was probably heading that way....The End
Jeff was a whore-dog.... there was no other way to say it. He had fucked girls one after the other since High School. Finally things got a little serious with Tina, they had been dating for about a year. He had settled down (mostly) and thought she might hold his attention. Then along came Celie... what a beautiful slut she was!! She made him look like a "good boy"!! She met him at a party, with Tina in the other room, she had told him within the first five minutes of conversation "I am going to fuck you tonight, so you may as well give up now." She had done it too. He resisted at first, ."but she teased and grabbed his cock in his pants every chance she got. Soon they were banging like a couple of screen doors in a hurricane in his truck, his cock pouding her tight little bald pussy, splitting it open like a peach, his finger up her ass, french kissig. That is when .Tina had found them.......After the break-up, Jeff never saw Celie again. He had never even*
gotten her number. He wasn't mad at her either, he knew *it should have been his part to resist her... but he couldn't ... he might have with a less aggressive woman, but not her. it was at that point in his life Jeff knew he had to take control of himself, find another nice girl and grow up.Along came Kitten. Damn... Kitten. She was built just like Celie... but with a sweet girl innocence about her.
He had learned many things from all the women he had fucked, but the thing he had learned most was, you couldn't love doing something and then go back to the way it was before. So, he hatched a new blan. He would have "normal" sex with Kitten,
S'ust lots of it. IF he then got tne urge for his kinky stuff, he would allow imself once every six months, that he could call one of his old "wild" friends that were girls, or pick up a girl and treat her like a piece of fuckmeat. Oh the things he loved doing to them. Facials (and Jeff could shoot like a firehose), spankings,
lots of toys, anal sex, bondage.....This had gone pretty well for the first year.
He had met up with the same girl twice, she was an old fuckbuddy. He had really gotten nasty with her., and it filled the void. The only thing being, he wasn't sure that 6 months was realistic. It had nearly killed him to go that long this last time. Further, Kitten was being troublesome. She kept wanting to try more. He knew that if he started down that road, that he wouldn't be able, to stop, and would end up fucking around a lot with "slutty" girls and get caught and hurt her. So when she suggested anal sex, or facials or anything he acted a prude. Then jacked off twice a day to keep from exploding and just doing it to her. if only he could find a bi-sexual, slutty, good girl... do they make those? His uncle used to say, "The perfect woman is a cook in the kitchen, a hostess in the parlor and a whore in the bedroom". Jeff couldn't fault that logic.It had only been about two months since he last visited his fuckbuddy, but already he was craving some kink. To make matters worse, Kitten had been especially horny lately and teasing him a lot. She seemed very turned on and yet distant. Like she was being stimulated by something and afraid to share it with him. well, she was not very experienced, it was probably some romance novel she was reading. At least she wanted to fuck! He had repeatedly buried his cock in her up to the balls lately. The other night, she had made it all but apparent she wanted him on the way home massaging his leg in the car when they came back from the mall. Then she strutted around in front of him in sexy shorts and a tight shirt with no bra., sucked him and fucked him right there on the couch. Then the next day when he got home she was waiting in the bed naked, wet, scrubbed clean, and asked him to go down on her.... yes asked him., she was getting brave. He had done it and loved it, her little pussy was very hot. It also surprised him to find that she had lifted up and slid a finger into her ass as he did it. She came a lot that night because Jeff had gotten so horny he had temporarily forgotten to be nice and had held her legs behind her shoulders and reamed her pussy, then pulled out and shot on her belly and tits. HE did love the look of his seed on a sexy woman. She had gone to the bathroom and stayed in there a while, he thought maybe she was grossed out by seeing it. HE should have saved that for his fuckbuddy... damn.well, after all that he was sure he would never make it to the 6 month mark, he had decided he would have to find someone, as the fuckbuddy was out of town. He decided to go to the Ipcal strip club after work and talk to an old dancer friend the next day and see if"she could be talked into giving it up. Jeff walked into the Peek-a-boo lounge, like he owned the place. Hell for all the money he had spent in this place over the years she SHOULD have owned the place. He had not been in for a while but Twinkle was still at the register. She gave him a hug and just told him to go in without paying, when he got in, he got his favorite table, near the wall, sort of private but still with a good view of the stage. There weren't that many people here yet, it was early. Harley was who he was looking for, they had fucked a few times after closing the place down, and she was very wild. He couldn't have a relationship with her for two reasons 1) she was a heavy drinker and 2) she was married to a guy that didnt much like her being a dancer, and certainly not fucking around with other guys. But for this... she was perfect. She liked him, loved the size of his cock, LOVED cum, and wouldn't tell a soul. Harley was on stage now, dancing. Thin, 32B, perfect perky little tits, nice nippTes, shaved mound, and an ass you cquld bounce a quarter off. She winked at him when she saw him and continued to dance, turning her ass directly towards him when she bent over and running her hands up the seam of her stockings. Her little .pussy looked so great! It was one of those that had nice puffy lips and made itself known by pushing back a little farther than some. HE HAD to talk her into fucking around.He felt the girls arms swing in under his hugging bim from behind., and then finding their way down to his crotch squeezing. Her hot breath breathing in his ear "Hi handsome, horny tonight?" She kissed his neck under his right ear. They had to work the crowd like this, he didn't take it personally as if he looked like an easy target. She didn't know that he had come in with leaving in mind... just setting up a meeting with Harley if he could swing it. HE replied, "Always horny baby, but just came in to see Harley."The stripper continued to massage his cock and Harley continued to dance. He was getting hard from the continued pressure from both. He didn't even turn to look at the stripper. He was sure she was hot, but he didn't recognize her voice, so he figured he should ignore her and she would move to someone else in a moment. But, she continued to rub his cock and kiss his neck and moan. He was very turned on, so this didn't bother him, if she wanted to stand^-here all night, so be it.Finally she swung around face moving, flipping her hair side to side, straddling him in one motion, pussy rubbing up against his cock, her short skirt hiked up and thongs against his pants and she planted her mouth square on his and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Now this was one aggressive stripper!! HE kissed her back and then finally pulled away and pushed her back to look at her.
Then it hit him.....!!!!!! What the fuck?!? It was Celie!! She smiled broadly...
"I hope you aren't mad about your little girlfriend still." and then before he could answer she squirmed her pussy up against his cock again in his pants, and kissed him and bit his lip and pulled on it with her teeth., finally letting go and rocking back. She stuck a hand down and hicked her skirt more and slid a finger in the side of her panties... "Are you going to let me feel that hot cock of yours stuffing in me again??? I didn't get to finish last time and you were teasing my asshole too., do you think you can fit that entire thing into it... hehe he. Maybe I will eyen let my girlfriend come over and have some too!"Jeff couldn't believe it... this might be bad or it might be good. He was certain of one thing... Celie was hot to fuck him and it wouldn't take more convincing on his part. This might work out better than Harley. Honestly they looked about the same, and Celie was very aggressive and could probably take anything he could dish out and want even more. IF anything he probably could't keep up. Maybe her girlfriend could help keep Celie happy, he could fuck them both and then leave the two of them when he was done. Further, two girls in the had was always better than one in the bush that had a husband that wanted to beat your ass for touching was settled, at least in her mind. Jeff overcame his momentary lapse and said to Celie, "No, the girlfriend was not your part, I was just not careful enough." and smiled..."This time, I will be sure not to have you anywhere NEAR her." Celie smiled, "That is fine, I don't care, I just want you cock and your beautiful mouth all over me and my new girlfriend. Think you can handle us both??" Jeff winked, "You just let me know when baby, and I will show you." To his surprise Celie said, "Right now! I came in here to see Starr, but she isnt in here yet, so I say we get out of here and go to your truck and fuck for a while...hehe." "oh no you don't I am not taking a chance of getting caught again, I guess we will have to find somewhere." said Jeff. "I was just kidding, we can go to my apartment. Do you have time?" said Celie. "Actually I do, my girlfriend thinks I am stopping by my Mom's house tonight." was Jeff's answer.
The pulled up at Celie's apartment and Jeff parked out in the lot while Celie pulled into her garage. As the door closed on the garage, Jeff saw her walk in the inside door talking on her cell phone. He took off his jacket and put everything but his keys in the car and walked to her front door and rang the bell. Celie answere the door still talking on the cell phone and holding a rubber dildo in her hand as if it were nothing to be embarrassed about. She was saying "So he is not home? Well them
come over..... Now! hehe. I want you and I have a surprise toy for you. Just come
on in, the door will be unlocked and I will be waiting in the living room using the new toy." With that she hung up. Celie just looked at Jeff and said "well baby... do you measure up??" laughed a little., started sucking the toy, twirled and walked into the living room.Jeff didn't know what to do so he just started to undress. Celie just sat down on the couch and sucked the cock deeper and deeper while staring at him getting undressed. Her fingers found the wet spot in her panties and continued to massage there while she sucked the dildo and watched him. Finally when he was down to his underwear she slipped off the couch onto her knees., came to him and pulled his aching cock out freeing it finally... and stared at it "MMM yes, that is what I remembered... so thick." Before he could comment it was in her mouth and • she was treating it to the pornstar suck job of a life time. Making loud slurping noises and moving her head back and forth, Celie certainly had a flair for the dramatic. The head was like a mushroom and she sucked in it hard and then pulled back and licked all over it and then went to the bottom sucking his balls in her mouth one at a time., then both., looking up at Jeff. Then she moved her tongue all over the shaft and up to the top and began sucking again all the way down., gagging herself on it., making tears come to her eyes., then up off and leaving a little line of saliva from her mouth to the was WET from her«mouth and she jacked it sloly working her hand from the bottom to the top, eventually causing a few drops of pre-cum to come out of the hole... her eyes sparkled and she licked them off and then kissed the head., and said "MMM damn that tastes good... I can't want to try the rest..."Celie had been fucking her pussy with her fingers while doing this and was SOAKING wet!! She moved up and ran her hands all over Jeff's muscular chest and then kissed him on the mouth. "I Want you to treat me and my
girlfriends like sluts tonight Jeff... no holding back ok? hehe." Then she layed ack on the couch and opened her legs while unbuttoning her shirt. Jeff dove in... his mouth was on her pussy and he was licking and kissing and sucking like a madman, her twat was on FIRE... and soaking wet... she was moaning as he ran his tongue deep in her hole., and bucking her hips up against his mouth. He could feel her close her little smooth thighs against his five o'clock shadow and pull him closer into her crotch, when he looked up he saw her massaging her tits and pulling at her nipples. She pushed him back now and moved him onto the couch, then repositioned herself on top of him and put her wet cunt right at the top of that big swollen mushroom of a cock head and just teased it back and forth making the cock wet with her juices. Then she lowered herself onto it all at once and ground on him. She was sooo tight. She was fucking him on top, bouncing up and down getting all of that cock stuffed into her pussy. She reached over and grabbed the dildo and started sucking on it again and Jeff ran his thumb to her clitoris and started to massage... he felt her hole tighten around his cock and knew she was cumming a little., and she moaned as she sucked that rubber dick., but didn't even slow down...
..... as Kitten entered the room., she saw Celie's back facing her., head to the
side a little sucking a dildo... but she was shocked to see Celie fucking a guy on the couch... she coumd't beleive that Celie would have invited her over tonight to
fuck another guy ..... (Celie moved a bit more to the side seeing Kitten out of the
corner of her eye and motioned for her) Kitten was about to say no and leave when
she recognized the keyring on the table......then the cock moving steadily in and
out of Celie's beautiful pussy.....Jeff's.
......Kitten stood there in shock... for a moment she thought about bolting out the
door. She thought she should be mad at Jeff! She should be Livid at Celie!! But.... she wasn't. She sunk down onto the floor by the table looking at the keys., then up to the cock she knew so well sinking into that beautiful pussy... stretching it open the way it stretched her pussy open at home. It looked the same and it looked different, she didn't eyer get to see this angle! It was glistening with her moisture as it came out of Celie's pussy, it was all over his balls, she was soaking wet. He wasn't.rushing it either, they had a nice slow rythm going, fucking... stretching., he really was quite thick. Celie's little hips and tiny pussy looked over-stuffed with that monster cock in it, but she seemed to be loving it. That
must be how Kitten looked too when she fucked him., they were built just alike.....
Kitten realized she had her hand in her panties and was fingering herself... she was SOO horny, if it had been another man she would not have been., but this was Jeff, she loved him. This also, was what she wanted in the end... but had not been able to think of how it might happen... it was what she NEEDED... and it was just a shock that it had happened all at once. Celie kept motioning for Kitten to get nearer'... so she did... she couldn't resist. She knew there was going to be an awkward moment when Jeff saw her face and she his., but she knew this is where it had to go. She reached out and started massaging his ba.^ls wet with Celie's juices all over it. He moaned as her hand massaged that large sack that she knew would pump out cum like a machine. He kept his rythm though and when Celie moved up and started kissing Jeff., and his cock slowly extracted up to the head... then very nicely snapped out of her tight little pussy, Kitten put her mouth on it sucking hungrily, masturbating with the other hand., it tasted soo good having it straight out of her girlfriend's pussy, tasting jner and him all at once., she felt like a whore., and LOVED it. After a few rtnns with Celi.e bucking a little backwards she got the hint and pushed it back into her slit, celie apprecitively started fucking it all the way down again...she reached around and looked back at Kitten spreading her cheeks and Kitten knew she wanted more attention so she leaned forward as celie spread and licked Celie's asshole nice and deep, pushing her tongue inside as Jeff's cock, inches away, was pushing into her wet slit. Celie was now moaning and rocking back ont his cock and Kitten's tonuge rythmically, getting a tonguefucking at the same time. This was too much for her to bear... now she wanted the anal... BAD.... Celie said "That is enough baby, now my ass needs it, I have been waiting a long time for this!" As she dismounted and turned around. Kitten looked to the floor letting her hair fall in her face, she just couldn't ruin this yet. Celie not thinking anything of it turned so her back was to Jeff and spread her cheeks poising her little asshole on top of his C9ck and sitting.. Jeff holding it straight up for her pushed in feeling that tight little ring snap over his head and then make it's way down his cock shaft eating up every inch of his dick. He was loving it... she was tiny and such a whore. He was still wet from her pussy and her cunt was dripping now anyway between her cheeks... Kitten now leaned forward with celie pulling her head and buried her mouth on Celie's twat licking and feeling how incredibly wet she had gotten. The three of them where in this position for mor than a few minutes and Celie's asshole was loosened up and she was REALLY enjoying her ride.. Kitten was licking and sucking Celie's lips with a new apprecaition.. this position was perfect., and she could lick Jeff's balls and suck them in her mouth every now and again. Finally, Celie said, as she was getting VERY excited from Kitten's mouth. "I think you need a little of this now... crawl up here baby." But instead, Kitten turned around pushing her ass up in the air and her head under the inside of the coffee table., her hair a messed up, C9vering her face along with the table... ass poking up., her hands under her spreading her pussy wide., all she could think of now is haying Jeff's thick cock stuffed in her cunt., she was so horny. Celie said "Well alright... I guess Fill 'er up studly, so I have something to taste when you leave." Jeff didn't miss a beat, he got down behind her plunging his dick home in the pussy he fucked several times a week and started pounding it, Kitten kept her hands there feeling the sides of his shaft poking in and out of her cunt and massaging her clitoris. Kitten could feel Jeff's hands on her ass cheeks spreading harder than normal and soon felt why as Celie's tongue pushed into her asshole and licked all around it. She came up for air after a few minutes and said "I am sorry I don't have the marker baby heheh." But it was wasted on Kitten, she was about to cum. At last she started bucking and frigging her clit ferociously and with Celie's tongue teasing her ass and Jeff's cock sliding DEEP she let go cumming.. moaning loud... "Oh God!! YESS!"... there were a few more strokes and Jeff was so excited he couldn't hold back... and she felt it gush into her! Jeff's cum squirted shot after shot into her waiting pussy as Celie slid a finger FAR up Kittens ass... it was too much.. Kitten came again., this time squirting a little and shaking.. "God Jeff YES! fuck me baby!!!!" The cum came drizzling out of her pussy as Jeff finished and dripped down his balls... celie reaching under and massaging his cum on them... Celie was ready for more... only she didn't know... The truth was now known...Celie started sucking on Jeff's cock as Kitten rolled over., pussy and cum all mixed on that beautiful shaft., she loved the taste of them both., on the floor Kitten rolled over and looked up into Jeff's face... there was a look of sad shock on both faces. Then as they just sat there with Celie obliviously sucking Jeff's cock happily... understanding hit them both., they had arrived here by different roads but it was where they both wanted, needed to be. Kitten got to her knees, face to face with Jeff and kissed him deeply, lovingly. He was finally the boyfriend she needed ...... he kissed back... she was going to be his saving grace.
It had been about two weeks since the incident at Celie's apartment and they had worked things out. It had not been hard, lats face it they all wanted it, and once the initial embarrassment and surpise was over., the questions as to "how" answered, qpy just started fucking like animals thinking of how it had been so sexy... so r%ht.Things with the Jeff and Kitten's relationship had never been better! The had 4 Celie as a "girlfriend", they had open conversations about what they wanted and nothing seemed taboo, and Kitten had moved all of her toys and things into the open.* She had more now too!! She and Jeff and celie had gone to the toy store and bought porn of every type and all sorts of toys, under Celie's guidance, they had gotten Kitten into anal sex and now sP\e LOVED it. Kitten and Jeff had gone to the club with celie on this particular Friday night to watch Harley. Truth of the matter was, they knew that even they wouldn't be enough to satisfy a nympho like celie, but now them wanting others was in the open and that was what was best about it. Celie had suggested they go to the club, have some drinks, get horny looking at the girls, which both she and Jeff knew a number of, then go back to her place and try out some of the new toys.... and.... the rope Celie showed them she had brought in the car...not the smooth soft kind, but the rough hemp rope that would itch, and moan as it was strained against. She said they needed to tie up Kitten to get" her used to such things. That sort of scared Kitten a little, but she could not deny that her pussy had started to get wet when she saw the rope there on Celie1s passenger seat, sitting right next to a large dildo with a pump on the back of it..what for she didnt know...right in plain site of everyone that walked by the car too!!They had come inside and even though Jeff had told her ahead of time that he knew a few people, Kitten was amazed at the number of girls that Jeff and Celie knew. They both knew some of them, and they came up and hugged and grabbed asses and lots of things right in front of Kitten, one that they both knew rather well was a knockout named Brandy. She was built slim, very nice tits and nipple that you just wanted to suck on right there in the club.Brandy came over and sat down with them ... right on Celie1s lap, but when it was difficult for the waitress to hand their drinks to them the moved right over and sat on Kitten's without even asking... pushing her nice tits right under Kitten's nose.... Brandy kept on talking like nothing had happened and smoked a cigarette, teashing Jeff like they had some inside joke about her and an oral fetish about the cigarette.Kitten had worn Celie1 s parities underneath a short orange mini-skirt that glowed in the blacklight and a tight black top., with no bra... in fact neither did Celie.. with her white skirt, whit thigh highs and no panties..they were dressed to kill.A number of extremely hot girls were dancing and noticing this group of friends waving and immediately teasing, pointing "the goods" in their direction from the stage and walking by to say hi. Jeff seemed very happe to see all of them and they him. Celie seemed like she was in all the time and eyeryone wanted to know all about Kitten. Was she a new dancer? (HOW flattering.. Kitten had had fantasies., but could never see herself doing that).As the next song came on Brandy got up., and started lapdancing Jeff., who's cock was obviously hard in his D9ckers.. Brandy placed his cock right between her cheeks and undulated making him roll his eyes with pleasure.... even Brandy looked like she was enjoying it. Celie piped up with "oh so when Jeff is here we d9n't even exist?" which prompted Brandy to French Kiss her, quickly. As she did this, her hand reached over and pushed up Kitten's skirt and massaged her pussy through her panties... Kitten didn't know what to do, but liked this girl being forward. Before it had really started though it stopped and Brandy turned around and ran her leg up and down beside Jeff's cock as he reach out and massaged her breasts. Brandy looked over at Kitten and said "Hot down there honey... ' and smiled. "I would keep going, but not something we can really get away with while working." After the song was over Brandy went back out to make spme money and left the three of them. A few other girls came by and Kitten could tell they were all very horny already! Kitten made a comment about how Brandy was forward and Celie confessed she had been talking to her about Kitten and Jeff and hoped she might join them soon, but that tonight didn't look good because she would have to work till late. Celie said she could tell Brandy really liked Kitten though and sure enough as Kitten looked around the room she would catch Brandy looking at her. The game was certainly on....Jeff and Celie C9nfessed that they both had fucked Brandy, and Jeff said it had been a while for him but he remembered she was very hot in bed. Kitten being the new meat to her was
getting a lot of her attention righ now though, when eventually Brandy made it ack, she sat on Kitten's chair and urged Kitten's legs apart. Kitten new her pussy was soaking wet and could feel her clit piercing rubbing against the panties as they stretched tight. Brandy was naked, didn't even bother putting anything on, just sat on a little cloth wrap she had. she leaned over the rail in front of them to talk to another girl that was passing and gave them all a perfect pussy shot for a period of about a minute, shaved bald, very large outter pussy lips and inside lips that hung down., and just like Kitten a pierced hood... only Kitten had a silver . ring and Brandy had a pink one. Her pussy spread sort of naturally too and was » pinker than pink inside. It even looked a little wet, and Jeff said something about it. Right then, Celie reached over feeling Brandy's ass and when nobody was looking slid a finger a little into her pussy and back out then put it in her mouth... Celie looked and Jeff and Kitten biting the finger between her teeth after sucking it and said "Yup, you were right Jeff, she IS wet., hehehe... I am thinking we must be making her horny."Brandy sat back on Kitten's chair and immediately put a hand behind her and slid it right into Kitten's panties and inside her pussy... smiling at Jeff. "Well, well, well, I am not the onl-y one that is wet." Kitten's cunt was on fire, and she knew she was soaking the panties she had worn, she rocked a little to help Brandy finger her, as she knew it was hard at the angle they were at for Brandy to move her fingers. "Jeff, why don't you check Celie, I bet she qs too, and we can TEll you are horny." with this Celie got up and sat on Jeff's lap and spread her legs a little. This corner table was a little more private than the rest and they could get away with a little, but they had to watch security. Jeff slid his hand under Celie's skirt and actually found that her pussy had dripped down her leg when she st9od up making her thighs wet before he even found his way to her pussy. He slid a finger insider twat and it was hotter than an oven... very very wet. Celie was one of those girls that had very slick juices and it made her slippery., he loved fingering her. As he was deep inside her her felt her quivering. He continued fingering her going deeper each time. When he had two fingers in her pussy he realied her quivering was rapid., too rapid and pulled his fingers out and ran them down her ass to discover that she had inserted a vibrating anal plug before they came in and it had been fueling her horniness all along. She smiled, knowing Jeff had found it and pulled his arm to get his fingers back in her pussy. Brandy stood a little and told Kitten to put her hand down on the chair., finger up.. Kitten did this and Brandy frowned at the one finger. Kitten put two up and Brandy quickly moved her pussy into position and sat on them. To the casual observer it might look like Kitten just had her hand under Brandy's ass... but she was being fingered instead. Now they were really horny... watching dancers, wanting to fuck one another and knowing they were being sneaky. Brandy had to get up to dance the next song on stage and they all moved back to the orginal positions. Hands all wet, the smell of pussy in the air, and a tent in Jeff's pants. Brandy got up and danced her two songs, not even bothering to get her outfit on and strip it back off for the second song. Further, even though she had obviously cleaned up a little before hitting the stage, she danced only for the three of them and her wetness glistened in the lightshow. it was obvious and the guys around the stage loved it! They were tipping her and getting her to spread her legs and the would stare right at it. Several asked for a private dance after the stage song. Celie couldn t take it anymore and suggested they leave. It would be a shame to leave Brandy like this, but she needed some attention and she could tell the others did too. Kitten sure as hell did, she was fingering herself a little every time she could block her view from everyone. They got up to leave and Brandy was coming off the stage, Celie walked to her and said "Thanks a lot bitch, now you have me horny as hell, I am
?oing to take these two lovebirds home and fuck them silly". Brandy replied "You ucky bitch. Here walk out the back door" and lead them along a hallway to the back door. When they got to the back door however, they walked into a room that was set up as a Doctors office, complete with a hospital bed. Kitten had heard about these rooms, they were for roleplay, so the person could have the stripper dance like a nurse or schoolgirl or whatever. Brandy turned and locked the door, immediately turned and started kissing Kitten. Took Kitten's hand by the wrist and brought it to her pussy where Kitten knew what to do. "You aren't taking these two or yourself anywhere." Kitten started sucking those perfect nipples as she sat back down onto stool by the bed and fingering Brandy's pussy as she put one leg up on the bedframe to open her legs better. She was soaking wet and Kitten had three fingers in her pussy really working them, curling them forward massaging her Gspot and using her thumb to massage her clitoris. As she looked over she could see Celie layed out on the bed with her skirt Hiked up and Jeff licking her pussy, his face completely wet from how much she had leaked and her grabbing his hair and pulling his face into her., her humping his mouth being rough. Jeff was loving it and was wrestling his pants down and with his other hand. As soon as he had them down Jeff reached up and roughly pulled Celie sideways across the bed and pushed his cock into her pussy and started pumping her deep up to his balls. Celie groaned but in normal fashion for her didn't miss a beat, she pulled Brandy by the hips positioning her pussy right over her face which was hanging upside down off that side of the Bed, while her pussy was being drilled by Jeff on the other side. Celie's mouth found her pussy and started licking and sucking, awkward but as Brandy got the idea she kept her pussy in position and they started a nice rhythm... Kitten moved around and got on the bed., on all fours and sucked on Celie's and Brandy's tits and kissed them both while she fingered herself"till she came... several times. Seeing the medical theme and the bodies and Jeff's cock was so sexy. After a few minuties of this Jeff laved on the bed and Brandy g9t on top of him riding his cock in her cunt... as Celie and Kitten 69'd, with Kitten working Celie's ass vibrator in and out causing her to cum hard. The two of them now less urgent from having cum both turned and started fingering and massageing Brandy's ass while she rode Jeff.Suddenly to their surprise Brandy stood up on the bed and turned around... then sat back down on Jeffs cock and started to ride it with her back to him, leandinq back she pulled Kitten's mouth to her clit and Kitten started to suck and lick. Kitten could tell she wanted it hard and she sucked really hard and used her tongue 9n her clit, not letting up when she felt Brandy pull away a little. Celie got behind Kitten and licked her pussy slowly just keeping her wet while she was doing the hard work to get Brandy off. Brandy started to buck and squirm... then of a sudden a gush of hot juices hit Kitten in, the face, all over.... Brandy had cum and screamed a little... but held Kitten in place by the hair squirting again. Kitten had heard of~it but never seen it...right then she felt Celie's fingers slide into'her asshole and Kitten came again., it was so dirty, her face was covered with Brandy's cum., she loved it. Jeff kept the motion going with his strong arms and started to cum. Kitten could tell and pulled his cock out putting it in her mouth and feeling the salty cum shoot down her throat as she jacked and more out, onto her face, onto the bed and into her hair, now she was covered with both and cumming with Celie's fingers working her asshole... Brandy eased to the side of Jeff and Celie moved up and licked what little of Jeff's cum was on Brandy's pussy cleaning her... and letting her get up. Kissing the all, one at a time, Brandy thanked them and said " I could not have made it through the night without that. Plan on getting together SOON." She walked out. The rest of them moved out the door too with Kitten still in a daze. They rode back to Celie's place to clean up a little and have more fun.. Kitten sitting in the car with a few drops of Jeff's cum in her hair and soaked from Brandy's squirting. She was certifiably a slut now.

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