The curse of the unwanted callers.....  

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6/12/2006 11:36 am

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The curse of the unwanted callers.....

Many of us get calls from dodgy foreign call centres where outsourced undertrained staff try to sell us crap that we neither want or need.

"Hello can I speak to the person who pays the bills please......"

"Hello I'm calling from directory enquiries to do a survey so we can update your listing....(yea right!!)"

" " Thats the one where the predictive dialler calls your number but the guy in Mumbai has had to grab a drink or something....dead line.

"Hello I'm calling from your bank to update our records......"another lie.

Some of my banking colleagues in India are starting to get calls from these unwanted caller companies.
Seems that some of our customers have been giving alternative numbers to these callers. Ha ha!!!!!
I'd like to see more of this. So when you next get a call from someone asking to speak to "The person who pays the bills", please give them the number of your bank. If the same bank has a call centre in a 3rd world country then give the caller that number. Extra points if you can get them to ask for a silly made-up name such as Mr Stupid in the Birmingham branch.

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