The Coliform poem....Ode to E.coli (Bad poem warning)  

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The Coliform poem....Ode to E.coli (Bad poem warning)

My best friends are my coliforms,
They live inside my arse,
They watch my back,
They process crap,
They generate my farts,

Some people don't like coliforms,
They don't enjoy their charms,
But bear in mind,
Your health is fine because of all their charms,

Scientists will tell you,
These bacillus get bad press,
The last thing that E.coli want's to bring you close to death,

Your own are you specific,
They grow with you in mind,
Your coliform are culture,
And they live in your behind.


This poem was inspired by Spunky's recent post on the topic of food safety.
I've posted comments there and I think the arguements are clear enough not to repeat them here. However one post did suggest Pasturisation might serve to protect against dangerous strains of bacteria such as E.coli. WRONG
Sorry, the average human gut is packed full of E.coli bacteria. They are the most common bugs on the planet and mostly harmless.
Only occasionally do strains develop that pose a threat to us. Pasturisation kills some of the bugs in a bottle of milk and extends the shelf life, likewise with juices. However heat treatment, however brief, will degrade vitamins and flavour. The treatment does not prevent transfer of bacteria on the packaging, bottle etc.
eg, A shelf stacker fails to wash his hands after going to the toilet. His own E.coli, (Harmless to him), are on his hands, and he contaminates several bottles he handles before the end of his shift.
Every person who drinks from the contaminated bottles gets a dose of his E.coli. An adult will already have a robust population of their own bacteria that inhibit the growth of this passive invader.
Children do not have such a mature population of bacteria in their gut and so the invading bacteria can grow and upset the balance of bacteria in the gut of the child. The result is sometimes life-threatening.

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