Setting the world to rights.....again  

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7/5/2006 3:20 pm

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Setting the world to rights.....again

It's too hot still and I'm feeling ratty.

Here are some thoughts that have been going round my head all day......

(1) Why do certain countries feel the need to "test" missiles. Isn't that a bit like testing a firework but much more expensive. It boggles the mind. Surely a missile is a piece of kit that can be checked without launching a fire extinguisher.
Surely it's enough that other countries know you have them.

(2) Why oh why do so many people think it's reasonable to shout at bank/building society staff when they take steps to protect accounts and reduce fraud?

(3) Why do some paints stay wet for days on certain surfaces. I bought a can of Dulux Once paint and used it to paint the skirting boards and coving in my bedroom. I also managed to get paint on my gloves and accidentally smeared it on a laminated chipboard cabinet and several brass door handles. A week on and the paint is dry on the walls but still tacky on the cabinet and handles.

(4) Who told Paris Hilton she could sing? We all know what she's god at and it isn't music.

(5) Red Bull.....why are the cans so small? I would love to buy a can that holds 1 litre. Like the big cans of cheap Danish lager that were popular in the 80's. A small can is a waste of resources

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