Sex Fiend???  

kissyfish1 44F
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6/12/2006 4:20 pm
Sex Fiend???

Results of "The Test"
How much of a sex fiend are you?

Your score = 95

What does your score mean?
Very shagadelic baby, yeah! You've got one mongo of a mojo, if you know what I mean. For you, sex is a playground of fun and you've come up with all kind of wild tricks to enhance the experience. Sexuality seems to be an omnipresent force in your life, one that often guides your actions. You tend to be adventurous and steer clear of passion-killing routine. This doesn't mean that you need to change partners to enjoy your sexuality, just that you like to mix up your bedroom tactics. You're open to new ideas, and even plan ways to enhance your romps in the sack (a little body snack or the right tunes, for example). Overall, it's pretty safe to say that a good time is had by all when you're in the bedroom!

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