kissinginterest 46M
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3/11/2006 11:12 am

i love
the feeling of a womans fingers and hands on my arm
the way a woman laughs when i tell a joke
feeling a cheek against mine and feeling her heart beating through her chest
holding hands in public
kissing in the park
lying in the grass in the summer with my love on top of me
smelling her sweet smell as it drifts on the breeze
running my fingers through her hair
the way a thong rises up out of the space between a womans butt cheeks
the way my cock feels when i see a woman i am attracted to
the wetness and precum that means i am turned on
when a woman grabs my belt and undoes it
lying next to my lover and running my fingers over her body
lying awake at night in the dark and feeling her body all over
kissing her face with my eyes closed
feeling her face and body with my hands with my eyes closed
her fingers wandering over my body

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