Can pussies smile?  

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3/29/2006 3:19 am

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4/1/2006 7:00 am

Can pussies smile?

Because if they can then mine is definately doing so.
My handsome, sexy friend is back in town and thankfully "got busy" ALMOST immediately! LOL Okay, okay, I'm a horny bitch, what can I say.
He got back in late Monday night and Tuesday morning by 830am we were face to face...of course it took a little longer before we were naked..but hey...that's life.
I was really excited to see him again but I will admit we seem to have this slight level of "being unsure" with each other. It's not a bad thing...not by any means....but when he walked up to me, I kind of gave him this half a hug thing (from the side) but what I really wanted to do was to give him a full on hug and a kiss. I just don't know how he is about public displays of affection (pda's) I didnt. *sigh*
After he helped me shop for my daughter's birthday present (wasn't that nice of him to offer to do that with me?), we headed over to his house (first time I've been there - nice house too, very clean, pretty furniture...).
When we were done with the pleasentries of talking about his vacation and having a few laughs, we relaxed on the sofa, listened to music and started kissing....which of course turned to making out...which of course turned to him snaking his hand down the front of pants to play with my pussy. God was I wet!
It felt so good having him touch me again, feeling his mouth on mine (he really is a great kisser)....but I could tell he wanted more so I decided to "ruin" the mood (hahaha) by saying we were NOT going to have sex on his living room couch (it was too pretty for that...LOL.). So he made mention of his bedroom and we moved into there.
Good God it was great! The kissing, fondling, touching, licking.....the way he teased my pussy and played with it while he was in the position between my legs to enter me....drove me crazy! And when he finally pushed his cockhead into me....*moan*.....the best...simply the best. Much better than my vibrator *grin*.
The way he bends his head down to take my nipple into his mouth, sucking on it as he pumps his cock into my wet pussy. I could have fucked him all day long.
After we both came, we lay next to each other and just relaxed for a bit...until my hand found its way down to his cock again and I started "petting" it. My, who knew it would get hard again so quickly *grin*. So I played with it for a while, even bending down to kiss, lick and suck on it here and there. But when I had my hand around his cock, stroking it, and I told him how I want to get him back in my bed so that I can tie him to it, push his legs up and back and run my tongue righhhhhhttttt there *used finger to rub near his anus*....he moaned *grin* (god I love that). I think that might have been it for him cuz he flipped me onto my stomach and started eating my pussy and ass and OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!! Holy Moly was that the best! His hands pulling my cheeks apart, him sticking his tongue on my ass, licking it, rimming me....mmmmmmmm simply awesome. (I cant wait to get him into my bed so I can do exactly what I said to him...can't wait to rim his sweet ass.)
After I came, he slide his cock in my pussy from that position and after a bit pulled out (he was right there...getting ready to cum) before he could stop himself, I turned around, put my mouth around his cock and lovingly sucked on it until he spurted his cum into my mouth. And like a good girl, I swallowed every last drop he had to give me.
I really am glad he's back and like I said....if pussies could smile...mine would definately be doing so right now.

eclown_98 49M

4/1/2006 6:08 am

Don't know if pussies can smile, but, that story made me smile.

Wish I could find an uninhibited partner.

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