What Men Want - the horrible hook up  

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3/4/2006 11:11 pm

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What Men Want - the horrible hook up

He had tried to get at me before, several times over the instant messenger. I kept telling him that i wasn't interested in couples. I don't have a bi- bone in my body. You might know he'd pop up on this day. It wasn't often I had the house to myself and my body was over due for some attention. I had been on AdultFriendFinder since 8:00 am, looking for someone interesting and spontaneous, and here it was, almost noon and I was still coming up empty. My libido was on overdrive and my one ace in the hole told me he didn't feel like driving across town this morning but he spent 5 min trying to convince ME to drive over to HIS place. The bastard.

Anyway, back to this dude ... I am feeling like Niagra Falls is between my thighs and I was just straight forward with him. He told me that his wife allowed him to play alone. It was probably bull but I didn't care today. I told him that I was feinin and if he played his cards right, he could be in some pussy within the hour.

"I see your girl on your profile, but what are YOU working with?"

He sends me an action pic of him halfway inside his girl .. him on bottom, her on top, hands full of ass. I was impressed ... from the pic, he had a nice thickie - and I love thickies.

"How soon can you be here?" He told me 30 min, but I knew it would take him at LEAST 45 without traffic.

He got to my door 65 min later. I only had a little over an hour before I had to leave for my appointment. I answered the door in a big T-shirt with nothing but a thong underneath. We gave our awkward introductions and as I turned to lead him to the bedroom, he smacks my ass and says, "wow". Wow? WTF?

So, we're in the bedroom ... I'm saying a silent prayer, hoping this man is on point and will not make me regret doing this because at this point, I just need to be drilled - dominated - have my hair pulled, my ass smacked - nipples sucked - u know.. worked over. After a few incomprehensible comments, dude pulls down his pants and tells me to "help him". Help him? This man has been after my azz for months. He knows I am horny as hell. He drives over an hour to get to my ass and I greet him half naked and he is not even partially hard!? If he were my man or if I knew something about him or cared something about him, I might have been understanding.

Fine ... maybe he's nervous ... maybe he's not attracted to me ... maybe something is wrong. I am pulling out my few tricks to get him going. I ask if he's sure he wants to do this and try to give him an "out" but he nearly cusses me out and tells me how sexy I am and I am crazy, out of my mind if I think he's not turned on. "But, your body is disagreeing with your words", I said. He says he's just a little overly anxious and to give him a few minutes. We both work on him and my mood is quickly fading.

He began to finger me ... that was nice ... but not what I wanted. He went on and on about how wet I was. I told him that I was running out of time and that he needed to get that fat dick up and inside me before I lost my mind. He tells me to turn over and Mr. DingaLing was awake! On went the condom and in went Mr. DingaLing! I was like YES! Third and goal and he makes it! We simultaneously let out loud moans of appreciation. By the 3rd stroke it was over. yeh, over. He was down again ... flacid. WTF? I was not very understanding. I mean, I wasn't rude to him, but I was enormously pissed.

Isn't this what AdultFriendFinder is SUPPOSED to be about? It's all about the hook up, right? I've always heard that men fantasize about a strange woman to greeting him at the door, naked and wet ... ready for action. I didn't ask for dinner, a movie, diamonds, committment .. not even conversation. I just wanted an ample dick with a real, live man with some skill attached to it. I could have taken care of myself and at least gotten past the mood, but noooooo. I did wind up bringing myself to orgasm in the bathroom while I washed up. Talk about a horrible hook up! Maybe I should take a friend's advice and just get BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend). I hear he NEVER lets you down and he's always ready when you are.

(No ... that is not me in the picture)

VicRobe10 48M  
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3/5/2006 2:15 pm

I think you had dude shook. He THOUGHT he was ready but he wasn't. He's probably used to having to do more work and with you being ready at the door it caught him off guard and his nerves got the best of him.

kissNtellDoll 53F

3/6/2006 4:55 pm

Shook ... How can I be forgiving in that situation? Imagine having a taste for a .... something you like and haven't had in awhile ... say ... a juicy steak. It is a week from payday and your cash is thin ... you start looking all over the crib for loose change. 45 cents in the couch cushion, a dollar in your pants pockets that you wore 2 days ago, 2 more dollars in change from the laundry room, you look in the car and low and behold! You find a $20 down between the car seat!. Off to Applebees! (hey, you only have $21.45 ... gotta leave a tip)

You see a picture of a luscious steak and you order that steak. The waiter informs you that you lucked out and got the LAST steak they had because the produce truck got in an accident and they didn't get all their meat) and it will take longer than normal to bring it out because you wanted it well done. You are psyched about this steak you know is coming! Your mouth is watering because you know it is on the way.

Here comes the waiter with a tray with a lid. You know it is your steak. You are about about to jump out of your chair from anticipation. He takes the lid off and you see it, steaming, juicy, just like you like it. He sets the tray down on the table but before he can slide it all the way in front of you, it winds up tipping off the edge and lands foodside down on the restaraunt floor. Your steak ... the LAST one they had, the one you were feinin for all day and went through changes to get there and get it ... is on the floor!

You understand it was an accident ... but your mouth is still watering .. you are still feinin for a dayum STEAK ... but there is NO STEAK! Do you care about the waiter's nerves at this point? At least you still have $21.45 ... I was left with nada.

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