My favorite hook up from AFF  

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My favorite hook up from AFF

I plan to share some experiences here and unfortunately, many are disappointing but the stories are true - so I figured I would begin with a good one.
I was so worked up this night. My pussy was on constant throb. I don't know what triggered the mood but I was determined I was going to be dicked down that night or I would just die! I surfed around AdultFriendFinder for 2 and a half hours before I happened upon MrDick2Big on AdultFriendFinder's instant messenger.

He had just gotten off work and was contemplating hanging out with his boys. I asked how adventurous he was feeling. He answered, "I don't know. What did you have in mind?"

My heart started pounding in my chest as I didn't know how he would respond. I swallowed hard and typed, "I have this fantasy of being fucked anonymously. I don't want to know your name or what you look like. I don't want to know anything about you except that you have a hard dick and you like phat ass."

He responded that he was game but wasn't sure how we could pull that off. I told him to just go with it and we can make it happen. He gave me directions to his apartment and his phone number just in case I got lost.

I jumped in the shower and tried to put those "what if" thoughts out of my mind. You know the ones ... "what if he's crazy?" ... "what if i am walking into a trap?" ... "what if he lied and is married?" ... "what if I wind up dead?"

I put on a dark blue, velour jogging suit and a spaghetti-strapped top with no bra and no panties. I wore a long, leather coat and a big, floppy, leather hat like the denim one Janet Jackson wore in Poetic Justice. The hat was big enough to fall down and cover most of my face.

I follwed mrDick2's directions and got lost in his apartment complex. He had only been there for a few months so his sense of direction left alot to be desired. I called him and he proceeded to lead me around every freakin corner of this place for 15 minutes! I swear I saw every dumpster and entrance/exit of the whole complex! I was getting pissed and just about to give up and go home because the excitement was wearing off and being replaced by frustration ... not to mention, his voice was corny as hell.

Suddenly, he told me he could see my car and I just had to turn Right to get to his apartment. Finally! There is was. I told him to turn off all the lights and I would be up in a minute.

I sat in the car and asked myself if I wanted to go through with this. (tick, tock ... tick, tock) I reached his door and it was cracked, but I knocked anyway. "Come on in" I heard.

I pulled the hat down further over my face and stepped into the dark room. My heart is pounding so hard that I can hear it loudly in my ears and feel it in my throat. I saw a dark figure sitting in a chair across the room as the light from the hallway crossed the room while the door closed.

He said, "come in".

I sighed and said, "Ok, you realize I've never been here before and I can't see shit? I don't want to knock anything over. Can I get some help?"

We both laugh as he comes and takes my hand and leads me around what seems to be a couch and a table. We head down a hallway and into the bedroom. I am amazed at how dark his apartment is, even with the moonlight shining through the blinds. My eyes start to focus to the darkness as mrDick2 takes my coat. I can make out a bed, 2 tables, a chair, one large window, the closet ... a tall figure of a man. He had to be at least 6'2. He appeared to be medium built and he was very careful in how he moved around me. We talked to one another as if we had been acquainted for some time.

After putting my coat away, he came back and wrapped his arms around me from behind. I could feel him leaning over me and smelling my hair and neck as his hands ran along the curves of the front of my thighs, up and across my belly to my breasts. I could feel him gently squeezing them to discover the size. He seemed pleased because he lingered, let out a sigh and began to press his body against my backside.

Feeling a hint of approval, I relax against his body and open my jacket so he can more easily get to my soft, B cups. He follows suit and begins circling and squeezing my nipples. My head is back and I can feel his breath on my neck. I whisper, "Are you nervous? Is everything checking out ok?"

I was surprised at the raspiness of my voice and I can feel myself start to tremble. What the hell was I doing? I don't know this man. He's so much bigger than me. He could kill me and no one would know because I didn't tell anyone where I was. I'm screaming "IDIOT, IDIOT!" to myself in my mind.

mrDick2 whispers, "You've got it going on girl. I am loving the thickness."

He begins to grind against my ass and I instinctively grind back. The string to my jogging pants are mysteriously loosened and he pushes them down, just below my hips. You know his hands went right to my ass. Squeezing, spreading, pressing and moaning with approval. All my qualms have disappeared ... I am ready to get with it now.

I lean over and pull my pants off the rest of the way, fully aware that he is enjoying this veiw of my ass. We move onto the bed and I pull my hat off. I am purposefully avoiding looking directly into his face for fear that I could make out his features. I ask if he can see my face and he says no.

"Do you think you would recognize me if you saw me on the street?"

He says, "no".

He continues touching me everywhere and until now, I had only felt his manhood against my legs and ass. I pulled off his pants and reached for the prize. My first reaction was one of shock. I thought I had touched ... honestly, I wasn't sure. I could not close my hand all the way around his dick! It was rock hard and extremely wide. It was not really cylindrical, like a snake like most men, but it was like the snake had been stepped on. My first words were, "Damn, you've got a big dick! It's HUGE!" I felt like he smiled and then asked, "Do you think you can handle that?" It wasn't a cocky question but more one of concern.
Honestly, I wasn't sure if I could handle it or not. I felt all around to see if I felt anything suspicious that would lead me to believe that this was a trick. Everything was in place and nothing seemed out of order .... dude was real.

(see part 2)

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