Just the Basics of Me  

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5/2/2006 3:09 pm

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Just the Basics of Me

I'm 30, a little rough around the edges, and enjoy life to the fullest. I'm known by my friends as a man of strong character and a relentless sexual appetite. I’m clean (always have been) and in excellent physical shape due to the work I do. I don't workout ‒ I’ve never needed to. Just genetically blessed, I guess!

I seek women that are in similar physical shape (not because of appearance issues) because I want a woman that can keep up with me and my hyper-sexual lifestyle. When it comes to a woman’s physical features, I find that my preference is more based on the sexual experience and openness to the many different aspects of the sexual encounter, rather than the physical shape. My taste in women vary from the little hotties to women of a fuller figure. The appearance doesn't matter! What does matter is that she enjoys sex as much as I do, and preferably the way I do. Anything but boring, I can't do boring any more!

I don’t mind the bar scene, I enjoy parties with friends, but I live and work for the more private parties that explore the finer parts of the female body and ways to make it twitch, jump, and curl. I believe for sex to be really good, and even great, all members must be completely involved and completely satisfied during and after! I have always been very open about my sexual preferences, and have always encouraged openness with my partners. (There is no reason to let a good encounter go bad just because of shyness, embarrassment, or inexperience!) I am more than happy to accommodate anything, always willing to help fulfill fantasies, and I always explore for those spots that you might not yet know about. If allowed to, I could fixate on a woman’s body, and draw foreplay out for hours. With pleasure as my only goal. There just is not anything more erotic than a woman at the height of sexual climax! I love the female body, and even more so, I love fondling it into repetitive orgasmic convulsions.

I’m looking for variety, CLEAN VARIETY! I'll help ya on a one time free for all, but I do prefer to find a few women (1-3) that I could set up a continuous arrangement with. The reason for this is you have to be careful these days. I have never had anything related to my sexual practices, and don't wish to. I have been very picky all my life, and will continue to be; it has kept me alive!

The only thing I ask of my partners is they are open minded to new things, and continually look for ways to make sex better, longer lasting, and more satisfying for all involved. I’m especially interested in meeting women interested in exploring the more exciting side of sexual encounters like voyeurism, sexual encounters of opportunity, sexual encounters in public (encounters where there is high risk of being caught), bondage, D/S, and S/M (with like minded individuals).

I have dedicated my life to learn the female body, the various areas of arousal, and the many methods used in enticing of a woman’s body for the sole purpose of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. To say sex is a passion of mine would be an understatement. To me it is an art form, one I have taken great pleasure & pride in perfecting it. Women and Sex make life enjoyable, and I enjoy life!

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5/2/2006 4:19 pm

Welcome to blogland...Good luck with your search you sound like you know what you want....~D~

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welcome to the blogz

have fun

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5/2/2006 4:53 pm

Sounds like you got what it takes to make some ladies search you out and seek more. Wish you well here and else where. PEACE

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Welcome to the blogs!

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