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1/15/2006 4:33 pm

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Last night I was able to take myself and my wife to a level of ectasy that I had never experienced in my life. We spent a quiet night at home on AdultFriendFinder and a few other sites, getting hard and wet for hours. My wife was chatting to some members whom I know were getting her worked up, she stepped away for a minute, then came back into the room wearing one of her many hot sexcapade outfits along with a pair of come fuck me stiletto heels, she looked so hot, she looked like the hot-wanting to be abused slut that you all wish you had, I almost tossed my load as soon as I seen her. She sat in front of the webcam showing everybody a potion of what I was able to devour later in the night. After chatting for awhile on AdultFriendFinder, she switched to having a private chat with a hot, sexy little cunt from PA. All the time, I was able to read what they were chatting about. She sent some pictures to my wife and they were cock-hardening for me, and I know that if she had the chance, my wife would've mounted the face of this little slut and forced her cunt all over her tongue until she exploded her her cum and piss all over her body. I could only visualize my wife fucking her hole with a strap-on cock pursuant to the force of an avalanche, then tasting her sweet explosion all over her face while the sweet vixen ate my cock.

Now, after we had all that we could handle playing on the computer, I took my slut wife and placed her on the couch where I began to release my hot pee all over her for which felt like an eternity. She begged for all of it. For the first time in our relationship, she finally told me exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it, what mind blowing experience. She leaned back, pushed her cunt to the sky and told me to piss all over her clit. She then spread those hot pink lips and demanded that I flood her hole. I had so much pee built up inside of me from the gallons of water that I been drinking that I was able to squezze my dick and stop the flow to allow her to turn around and present her voluptuous tanned ass, spread herself wide open and beg for the heat, all the while her moans and wicked words of excitement and want getting louder. Still sporting a heavy stream she rolled over to face me again and pleaded for me to soak the rest of her body from head to tongue to toe. The look of flat out fuck me now!!! had taken over her face and her hands were working furiously all over shaved box, and I just had to taste her boiling juices. As soon as I started tongueing her engorged clit, she began to explode herself all over my excited tongue. I leaned back a little and watched her grab her cunt, grind it a little more and completly explode all over my cock. Next, I couldn't resist, I just had to watch her suck my rock hard tool. When I told her to gorge on my dick, she leaped at the chance to taste our combined juices. She just couldn't control herself though. She hopped up, turned around, kneeled on the couch, leaned toward the wall and commanded to be fucked like a jackhammer, I gladly obliged. As I railed her pussy from the backside I had the feeling in my cock that I was ready for the long haul, but she pleaded that I dump my load all over her ass. I pulled my cock out of her dripping cunt and proceded to pump my tool as she screamed at me to unload straight into her asshole. I pulled it one last time and buried my cum into her ass and warmed her from the inside. When we had finished, i stood in the middle of the room bewildered and speachless with the thought that I just had the most fulfilling sexual and intimate experience of my life. I only wish that you could've seen it, our webcam is on the fritz, your loss.

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