September 11th - I hate this date  

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September 11th - I hate this date

**note** I really wish I could be one of those people who could "let things go." I wish I could "not care" about half the things I care about because it's mostly just an uphill battle. However, I was raised to THINK - lol - and since have been cast into the group of people who can't just blindly follow others. I can't just "take someone's word for it." I HAVE to ask questions, I have to see things for myself. Oh yeah, and when I think I'm right - I have been known to be quite stubborn. So - here's my opinion of this grim anniversary.

So - it's September 11th, the 5 year anniversary of the 9/11 2001 attacks, and I can't help but have this great big ball of frustration, sadness, grief, and extreme anger in the pit of my stomach. I remember exactly where I was when I heard about the towers being hit. I was working for a retail chain store (doing a "crank" day had been there since 6am and wasn't going to leave until around 10pm that night). We ran a closed circuit radio in the store, so I had absolutely no idea anything was wrong until one of my employees came in to work and started talking about it. I went up & switched the radio in the store to a normal radio station & we all stood around the speakers listening to what was going on. I was trapped in that stupid ass store all day & couldn't get home to watch anything about it on TV until that night.

It was around 11pm when I saw the videos of the planes hitting the towers, of the pentagon and the "crash" site in Pennsylvania. I'm pretty sure I was just sitting there with my mouth hanging open and my cigarette burning itself up while I tried to wrap my head around what was happening. By that time, we knew that the President had been - or still was - at Offutt AFB in Omaha. I couldn't help but feel kind of uneasy at the thought of someone who I thought was the #1 target for these attacks, less than 100 miles from me. But anyway -

Then the news started talking about someone called Osama Bin Laden, and how 4 planes had been hijacked, and how people in Afganastan were dancing in the streets because their "attack plan" worked. Then, of course, the showed US fighter jets bombing the hell out of.....somewhere. Now, I've always kept up on current events, I'm practically addicted to CNN and have watched it religiously for years. I vaguely recognized the name of Osama Bin Laden, but could not, for the life of me, ever remember him being profiled as a major terroristic threat. But, the night of the most deadly day in American history - his name is being shoved down my throat as the mastermind behind this great terror plot.

At the risk of aggrivating my ulcer (lol) I am not going to go a rant about 9/11. I'll just leave you with a few thoughts of mine and let you decide for yourselves. I have seen absolute proof that the story our government wants us to believe about the events on that horrible day is nothing but BULLSHIT.

There was no plane that the Pentagon - it was a cruise misslie fired by our OWN military, ordered by none other than VP Dick Cheney. If there was a plane - where are the pictures? This is supposed to be the most secure building in the country. SHOW me the pictures! (They can't becaue they are none)

There were explosives inside the towers - THAT is why they collapsed. Those explosives had been set to detonate after the planes fired missiles into, and crashed into the buildings. It is 99.999% IMPOSSIBLE for a steel framed building to collapse because of fire. In fact, the two trade center towers are the FIRST steel framed buildings in the HISTORY OF RECORDED ARCHITECTURE to collapse because fire weakened the support beams.

VP Cheney was running war games with over 80% of our fighter jets that day - some of them were in Canada, some were in Alaska. These war games were "live action" simulations, which caused erroneous (fake) "blips" to come up on NORAD and the FAA's radar's. Conicidental, isn't it that these war games, which crowded the radars with fake "hijacked plane" indicators, were occuring at the EXACT same time as the actual hijackings - and THAT is why it took our fighter pilots so long to reach the planes?

Another interesting coincidence - just two weeks before 9/11 Donel Rumsfeld took the power for military jets to shoot down hijacked passenger jets OUT of the military commanders' hands, and placed it into - guess who - VP Dick Cheney's.

Why did FEMA have a headquarters in place at ground zero on September 10th, 2001?

Why was Osama Bin Laden's family allowed to fly out of the country after the FAA had grounded all flights?

Why did Larry Silverstein admit, on television, that they decided to "pull" (demolish) tower #7 too, after the twin towers had collapsed?

How is it possible that the "cell phone" calls made from United 93 were ever completed? There is NO POSSIBLE way cell phones work at 15 - 30 thousand feet. Remember a couple years ago when Delta came out with their brand new "cell-stations" installed in their planes, so now you could use your cell phone while flying? Besides the scientist from Washington State University that actually took 35 different cell phones from every carrier in the US up in a plane and couldn't get a signal on ONE of them. Why would planes need cell stations if cell phone sorked so perfectly on 9/11?

I honestly and truly believe that the US government planned these attacks, and carried them out systematically. They MURDERED thousands of people, they ruined lives, they have hurt countless others. Why? Well - they had to justify invading the middleeast somehow didn't they? They knew the American people wouldn't support our military just invading them. Oh no, but after 9/11, we had EVERYONE from the middleast, and could not wait to get out troops and guns over there. Now, our guys and girls are STILL over there, dying, getting injured, being traumatized all because Bush(s), Cheney, Rumsfield, Clark, Libby and Rice wanted a war. For oil, for control, for whatever - they wanted a war. So they killed Americans to get the rest of us to go along with them. They need to be publicly tried, convicted, and hung.

Watch these movies - please - if you want to know the truth. It's not propoganda and it's definitley NOT un-patriotic.

Loose Change
Loose Change 2nd Edition
In Plane Sight

Or, just go to Yahoo or Google videos and type in 911 as your search word. Please watch them, then get the word out.

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9/11/2006 2:50 pm

Wow you really have been thiking about this one. Have you seen Fahrenheit 9 11 and the video footage of the planes over the internet. Or the recnt footage of the pentagon incident? Myself I find it hard to believe that they would conspire to do something this bigto justify war on the middle east when they are presently conducting an illegal one in Iraq on the basis of lies.
The debate is however an interesting one but far too large to do here. if you fancy discussing it in more depth. Your opinion is an intriguing one.

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