Fun with a new Daddy  

kinki6419 35F
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8/2/2005 2:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fun with a new Daddy

Finally plucked up the courage to meet up with someone off the site.

Have been talking to a very nasty much older daddy. He is 56 (Hmmm!) and lives in London.

Anyway, we have been chatting for sometime and are obviously on the same wavelength and so we decided to meet for some fun.

I wasn’t at Uni on the Friday and so travelled down on the train. He picked me up at the train station and we went to the hotel & booked in. I unpacked and we sat chatting for about 10 minutes and it was obvious straight away he was just like he had said in his mails and the chemistry was there from the off.

We went out for some lunch and then went shopping (his idea not mine, I didn’t want anything, but when Daddy insists I guess a girl just has to do as she is told) J I had agreed that I would call him ‘Daddy’ all weekend, and it felt a little uncomfortable at first, especially in the restaurant/shops, but I soon got the hang of it. He referred to me as princess all weekend.

We returned to the Hotel after shopping around tea time. We went for something to eat in the restaurant and then I went up to the room to get ready. I had a nice long bath and shaved my pussy to make sure it was totally bare for Daddy. I combed my hair into bunches and tied them with little red ribbons. I then put on my white frilly ankle socks. I then put on the white nightie with mickey mouse on we had bought that was for age 10/12 and so didn’t properly cover my pussy & bum (which was probably the whole idea) J I was then ready. I then sent Daddy a text to tell him I was ready (he was in the bar by now) and I made my self ready as instructed. I took the 12” pink teddy bear we had bought and cuddled it in my right arm, I knelt down just in front of the door resting on my ankles with my feet facing outward and started sucking my left thumb.

The door opened and Daddy entered, stopping just in front of me looking down. Quickly I could notice a bulge growing in his trousers, (to match the tingling in my pussy).

“Hello Princess” he said.
“Hello Daddy” I said, my thumb still in my mouth.
“Are you ready to make Daddy happy?”, I just kept looking at him and nodded.
“And how are you going to make Daddy happy?”
“By doing what Daddy tells me too?” I enquired, try (and probably failing) to look all innocent and virginal.
“Good girl” he said, “Now open your mouth, Daddy’s been drinking and needs to pee”.
I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue, Daddy moved forward and rested his cock just in front of my mouth. Hot pee began to fill my mouth, once it was almost full Daddy stopped. Thinking I was doing good I swallowed. I sharp slap cracked me across the face, almost knocking me over. My stomach knotted in fear and surprise and my pussy tingled in excitement.

“Did Daddy tell you you could swallow?”
”No, Daddy. Sorry”
Again Daddy filled my mouth, and this time I held it there. Daddy stared at my wide-open mouth, filled to the top with his pee before allowing me to drink. Twice more he did this before we were done and I thanked him.

Daddy moved over to the bed, stripped & sat down. I shuffled across the floor to just in front of him.
“Daddy”, I said, looking up at him.
“Yes, Princess?”
“Can I suck it please?”
“You can suck it anytime Princess, you know that”. I put my teddy down and shuffled up closer. Taking hold of him he was already firm and within a few strokes had gotten to almost complete hardness. He had a lovely thick cock. Still stroking I started to lick the head gently & slowly. As Daddy started to make moans of pleasure I stopped stroking him, and took the whole of his fat head in my mouth, sucking gently I used my free hand to gently tease his balls, all the time my tongue flickering over the head. Soon my pussy was dripping and before long my head was bobbing up and down working it’s magic.

I am not sure quite how long I was busy but it must have been a good ten minutes. After which Daddy decided we should move onto the bed. I stood up and Daddy took hole of my nightie and lifted it up over my head and told me to lay on the bed. Daddy handed me my teddy bear, which I wrapped my right arm around and held next to me. Daddy climbed into the bed and stuffed his fat prick inside my pussy which was sodden from all the sucking I had been doing. Daddy started fucking me with a nice steady rhythm. I laid there with his lovely fat cock sliding in and out of me for quite a while before I could feel his pace increase. Sensing he was going to come soon I wrapped my legs around his waste. Looking him straight in the eye I said “Hmm, yes Daddy, harder, do it harder Daddy”. This seemed to do the trick and he nagged ramming his cock into me as hard as he could. Looking at him I stuck my thumb back in my mouth and sucked. Daddy seemed to like this, and he began to moan as he squirted his load inside me.

He pulled out and knelt up at the bottom of the bed, I could feel his cum start to dribble out of me and so I slipped a couple of fingers inside my pussy and scooping up the mess and feeding my hungry little mouth.

We had even more fun on the Saturday as two of Daddy’s friends came round and helped him play- all my holes, in my school girl outfit. But I’ll tell you about that another time

rm_Deano104 45M
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8/2/2005 7:09 am


Wow what a fantastic blog. Loved the way you gulped down his pea and scooped his cum into your mouth from his pussy..hmmmm

Cannot wait to hear more

Bighotandhorny4U 58M
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8/3/2005 7:01 am

Fab blog you dirty girl, my turn next??

psseater70 47M

8/4/2005 11:32 am

give me some

macca95 57M

8/6/2005 3:13 am

This girl does it for me!

RunninBunny 62M
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8/7/2005 1:14 pm

MMMMMMmm What a weekend, next time you want to come down to London be sure to let me know
You are a very naughty & dirty little girl.

Life is for living, so make the most of it, DON'T WASTE IT

rm_fabiaman2 46M

8/8/2005 10:48 am

love to have a weekend like that with you dirty bitch!!

ChalkCarboAcids 50M
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8/19/2005 8:39 am

dirty bitch you need a good thrashing and very soon!

rm_sexymart44 57M
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8/20/2005 6:03 pm

ur 1 of the dirtiest bitches on here, would luv 2 meet up and have some fun, I could think of lots of things we could do

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8/23/2005 3:05 pm

That was an awesome weekend for you and I can't wait to read about Saturday's fun

wb4all 72M

9/16/2005 3:19 pm

well you nast littel girl, you got me all hot for you if you should ever cum to California you must let me know as I want to make all your holes sticky with my thick cum

rm_brk65 78M
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10/1/2005 2:20 am

sweet little daddys gorl

rm_tonym97 57M
9 posts
10/16/2005 8:49 am

Hello 'Princess', not sure about the peeing bit, but the rest was a real turn on. Would love you to get in AdultFriendFinder

rm_alan_acomb 60M

12/11/2005 5:42 am

Fantastic blog dirtygirl, If you would like to get in touch I'm only 30 mins away!!!!

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