Well, we had an adventure for sure!  

rm_kim_n_dave 50M/47F
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6/25/2006 12:44 pm
Well, we had an adventure for sure!

We were going to go to Moviethon in Union...even though it did sound a little scary. But then we figured it was an easy thing to do and then just bolt from if it got too crazy.

I was at work and just happened to have Dave's cell phone when it rang. I answered and to my surprise it was someone looking for me! It seemed as though a couples club that we had researched the other night (and sent an inquiring email to) had a few cancellations and wondered if we could come by!

I called Dave and of course he was in! I got home from work, hopped in the shower, undressed to impress and headed off! It took less than an hour to get there, but by the time we pulled into the parking lot, I was COMPLETELY freaking out. Of course, I'm the more experienced of the two, but Dave's definitely the go with the flow, easy going kind. I'm more of the HOLY SHIT WHAT AM I DOING HERE??? type.

We go in, get the tour and the guy giving the tour is telling me about women who bite, the "orgy room" and the "gynecologist's office" room, how its hard to actually play pool because usually someone will throw a girl onto the table and start eating her out, etc. Dave's eyes are as wide as saucers and his smile is even bigger...he's raring to go! Me, I'm freaked out even more!

Just when I think I've got a handle on the whole thing, we finish the tour and run right into a couple that we went on an AdultFriendFinder date with about five months ago! They were there for their first time too! Small world! At first this freaks me out even more, but then I realize that we have people to chat with and hang out with, so I calm down.

Eventually wine starts flowing and conversations are fun, so I forgot all about my freaking out. We played pool...we went in the pool (nekkid, of course), there was making out and fun to be had. Dave and I didn't fool around with anyone other than each other, but plenty of other people did.

We did go down to the theme rooms with two other couples, but then chickened out on joining them at the last minute. It was actually more truthful to say Kim chickened out...Dave would have gone if I had seemed less than terrified. We did make a stop in the New York City Skyline room where we fucked and sucked so others could watch!

We drove home exhausted, but we had a great fun night. And we "joined" the club, so who knows, we might even go back!

MiddlesexCtyCpl 47M/47F
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8/10/2007 11:45 am

Great story, it's good to see that even an experienced swinger can still get nervous. It gives newbies like us a little more hope to realize it's not just us who are nervous! May we ask what club it was or if you have any recommendations on comfortable friendly places to go to make some friends in the lifestyle? We are completely new to this and have no clue where to start.


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