We're back!  

rm_kim_n_dave 50M/47F
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6/24/2006 6:21 am
We're back!

After a hiatus, we're back...I think.

We met up with a great couple last night...had some beers (well, Dave and I had beers, they had more sophisticated drinks!) and some great conversation. We started late and I (Kim) had to work today, so stayed at the bar the entire time. I will say, though, that they were great to hang with.

I am, unfortunately, a tad hung over today. Fortunately I have a pretty quiet job, but I could SO use a nap!

Tonight, I'm going to talk Dave into going to "Moviethon" in Union, NJ, I think. We've never been, but it sounds like it could be a wild time!

Has anyone ever gone?

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