Where Has the Common Sense Gone?  

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8/31/2006 7:09 pm

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Where Has the Common Sense Gone?

I have started hanging out and posting on the Advice Lines section here lately. It is somewhat interesting but mostly I do it out of boredom. One thing that strikes me as I read through some of the questions is where has all of the common sense gone in today’s society?

I see questions with guys asking what lines work on getting into a woman’s panties, or what can I do to push a woman’s buttons to get her to want to go to bed with me, or what can I put in my profile so women will want to sleep with me. Are we as a society becoming that socially inept these days? I admit I am no Don Juan when it comes to hooking up with women, but I am smart enough to know that, first and foremost, there is no magic word that you can say or that special phrase you can type that is going to make a woman want to jump into bed with me.

Most of us who have gone to college or are old enough to have been to enough bars and clubs know that the majority of random sex is due to the introduction of alcohol or other illicit substances to ones system. I have yet to meet the woman who does sex at first site. I cannot comprehend why some men won’t accept the idea that there is going to be some work involved if they want a woman to have sex with them.

Besides every woman is different, so what turns one woman on may do nothing for the next. Some women want a guy with a foot long dong and others don’t care. Is it so hard to take the time out and actually talk to a woman and find out what she likes and doesn’t like? I don’t think it is. Speaking from personal experience the sex I have had with someone I cared about was much more fulfilling than the sex I had with someone I barely knew or cared about.

I just wonder if some of these realize how pathetic and desperate they look when posing questions such as this. The best advice is to use a little common sense and engage in some sort of a meaningful dialogue with someone. Women tend not to respond to ‘hey baby your hot wanna fuck’ in a positive manner. Most of these guys claim to not be virgins, so if you have been with a woman in the past then why don’t you use the same techniques you did then to meet some of the women on here? Am I the only one who does not see that as such a hard concept to grasp?

rm_goldnglory2 67F

9/1/2006 1:27 am

Excellent advice....you've got your head on straight.

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