Ten Months is Just Too Long  

rm_keystonenc 44M
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7/10/2005 6:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ten Months is Just Too Long

God, I am sitting here realizing it has almost been 10 months since I last got laid, or even had intimate physical contact with a woman for that matter. That is just simply too long to go without recieving some physical as well as emotional pleasure from a woman. After all sex is a mixture of both physical and mental releases. With the right person it can be equally as rewarding emotionally as it is physically.

Simply put I love everything about being intimate with a woman. I long for the day when I just get to hold and caress a woman again. Looking into her sparkling eyes while our lips gently caress as we nestle under the covers. I cannot wait until I get to experience her smells and taste her nectar for the first time. For me, the anticipation and buildup to intercourse with a woman can be more enjoyable and exciting than the intercourse itself. Every facet of touching and interacting with her body and her touching and interacting with mine. There are just so many different ways to enjoy each other.

God, 10 months is just way too long not to experience the joys of being with a woman. I need to find someone soon before I go crazy, or my arm falls off ...

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