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rm_keystonenc 44M
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7/11/2006 8:00 pm
MySpace Spam

Like most of the free world I have a MySpace account, but to be honest I don't spend a whole lot of time on that site as it seems to load far too slowly for someone who has a broadband connection and I honestly don't get what the obsession is with the site.

But, holy hell I feel like the most popular guy in the world today. I have gotten no less than six friend requests and an email message from another person and some of the requests are from really hot chicks. Boy, I am getting just too excited right now. I mean I only have a handful of friends on the site and I get maybe one or two requests per month. So, to get six in one day is mind boggling. It is not like I just signed up for it either I have been on there for about a year or so. It just seems really random that all of these folks are discovering little ole me all of a sudden. It is rather exciting to feel so loved though and I just know one of these chicks wants to sleep with me. I can just feel it and I am good at sensing these things.

Alas, the hot chicks are obviously just Internet trolls looking to try and funnel traffic to sites similar to AdultFriendFinder or to webcam sites. So, that is rather disheartening. Here I thought I was going to be banging some hot college chicks this weekend and it looks like the only invite I would get would be to watch them play with themselves on their webcam. Ashley, Sweetkatie, and Jennifer are hotties and I know they would want to bang me if they only took the time to me.

I got an email from Hellen who looks to be a pretty hot African American, but, unfortunately she appears to be an African stuck in Nigeria looking to scam hot American studs such as myself out of our hard earned money.

Hmm, but I did get a friend request from Maggie in Durham, I have no clue who she is but she seems like a normal enough person with no real hidden agenda so I guess I will add her to fill out the portfolio of friends a bit more. After all she may turn out to be a cool chick. Besides, you can never have enough friends in this world today.

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