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7/10/2005 7:25 pm

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Internet Hookups

Ever hookup with a random person you just met on the Internet for a night of passion? I have and I have to say it was an interesting experience.

I met this woman, a divorcee, on another dating site. She contacted me first and we started chatting over IM. Now, her profile was a little more 'adult' than most people post on those kinds of sights. It had some vague sexual overtones. Anyway, off the bat she starts asking me what I would do if she wants to fool around while I am watching football on TV.

The next thing I know we are chatting at work and she is telling me how horny and wet she is and I am telling her how hard I am getting hearing her say this. Now, mind you, I have yet to see what this woman looks like by I am ready to stick one in her. She tells me she is willing to come over to meet me does not know if she can keep her hands off me for too long. I tell her I don't have a problem with that. As I am probably as horny as she is at this stage. We continue to chat during the day, and it gets to the point where I have to excuse myself to go rub one off in the men's room the anticipation is killing me so much.

I am anxiously awaiting when she finally gets there. I have to admit that she was not quite what I was expecting. She told me over IM that she had lost a good bit of weight, 70 pounds I think it was. But, she is still carrying some excess weight and was still a little flabby. She was not fat by any means and had nice breasts. She did have something of a shape to her body and she had a pretty face.

You know what though? I decided that even though she may not have been exactly what I was expecting I was not going to let that stop us from having a good time. Fuck it, I had not gotten laid in about four or five months and who knows when I was going to get any action again.

So, we are sitting on the couch just sort of cuddling watching a little TV. I was not quite sure how to handle this as we are just meeting face-to-face for the very first time. Then I got thinking, well hell, she came here to get fucked so why not get down to business. So, we kiss a little and I find that she is very receptive to my busy hands fondling her breasts. So much so that she takes off the tank top she is wearing and exposes one of her breasts for me to ogle and fondle. Eventually, I get around to sucking on her breast which she seems to enjoy quite a bit.

I work my way down to undo the button and zipper on her shorts. Man alive she is primed and ready to go her panties are soaking with anticipation. I figure now is as good a time as any to get down and dirty as she willingly sheds her bra and panties and spreads her legs wide open for me to enjoy her in all of her womanhood. By this time I am totally ignoring the fact that she is not overly attractive and completely into the moment of satisfying both of our wanton, lustful, sinful desires.

I was now a man on a mission. I was going to get her off then I was going stick my dick in her and get myself off. So, I do what I do best and go down on her. I am down there for a while and the juices are just flowing all over my lips, mouth, and chin and all over her inner thighs. After a few minutes and a couple of minor orgasms she tells me she is ready to be fucked.

I am never one to disappoint a woman, especially when it involves her wanting me to stick my dick inside of her. Now, this is the first time I have ever had sex without a condom. I know this was not the best idea but she assured me that she was clean and I was dying to try it at least one time without a condom. Plus, I simply got caught up in the heat of passion and completely forgot about it until I was already inside of her. I have to admit that doing without the condom was much better. I had more staying power without the condom on. Plus once I shot my load I could keep going a little longer instead of having to pull out and lose my mojo.

Once we got going hot and heavy the freak started coming out of her. She starts talking dirty and telling me how she likes being fucked and how much she likes having me inside of her. This got me going even more and made it kind of exciting. This woman kept wanting to go after I was done. She still had not had the big orgasm to come down from yet, as I said she had a couple of small ones. So, after I pull out she has her hands down their still rubbing her clit. I decide that is not right so I move her hands out of the way and finish her off myself. My hand was covered in her juices and was all sticky. That was one wild evening. In fact it was one we would relive again the next night.

All in all while she was not someone I would have picked out of a crowd to have sex with, but I have to say those two nights were some of the most fun I have had with a woman. You know how some say geeks/nerds make the best lovers because think more about having sex than actually having sex. Well, my experience with this woman taught me that she does not have to look like some sort of pinup girl to know her way around the bedroom. It may not have been the ultimate sexual experience but it satisified my wanton physical lust for a short period of time.

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