I Might as Well Face it I'm Addicted....  

rm_keystonenc 44M
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7/14/2006 6:51 pm
I Might as Well Face it I'm Addicted....

I am completely addicted to High-Definition Television. The imagery on HDTV is stunning and I find myself watching programming on HDTV channels that I normally would not watch.

I watched the World Cup Final simply because it was broadcast in HD. I will watch concerts of bands I have never even heard of or had any inclination to listen to in the past because it is in high-def. There are a handful of movies that I probably never would have watched that I actually ended up in enjoying if not for the wonders of HDTV.

I had a co-worker ask me why I needed a 42" high-definition television. She reasoned that a 32" TV was plenty good enough for her. Then she came to my Super Bowl party and was like, "Oh, now I see why you bought this TV." High-Def television was just made for sporting events. The Super Bowl and World Cup were absolutly amazing to watch.

I was loving it when I found out 24 was broadcast in HDTV. It made the show that much better.

My only problem is not everything is broadcast in HDTV which makes watching regular TV like going back to AOL dialup after being on RoadRunner all this time. Given that I have a widescreen TV it also makes watching movies that are formatted for the standard TVs not as fun to watch.

If you have yet to experience HDTV I suggest you do whatever you can to do so. If you are a sports fan or movie buff like I am it is well worth the investment.

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