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7/10/2006 7:26 pm

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Golden Tee Guy

I had a rather interesting encounter on Saturday Night with Golden Tee Guy. For those who don't know Golden Tee is a video golf game popular in a lot of sports bars. Now, I was out and about hanging with friends on Saturday Night and we are all mingling around the games area that had a dartboard, pool tables, and some video games.

All of a sudden we hear this loud bang almost like a gunshot or someone popping a balloon. We all look around like what the hell was that. I lean over and say to my friend, "Tee shot must have gone in the water". She looked at me like I was crazy. Then I tell her that I think the guy playing Golden Tee just slammed his hand against the game and that's what that noise was.

This happens two or three more times and then he disappears. I assume he went home as it was already around midnight or so. So, I take up sitting on the stool next to the game. After awhile he re-appears and asks if I mind moving so he can play. He says it in a very apologetic manner. I was just like yeah sure whatever I can just move over here for the time being.

He then proceeds to apologize some more and tell me how he used to do cocaine and now Golden Tee is his new addiction. He said, "Hey it is either this or coke, and this is a lot cheaper." He rambles on for about 20 seconds about his addictions and wants to know if I want to join him in his new addiction. I just sort of ease myself away and tell him that is okay he can go ahead and play.

Now, I am sure not all Golden Tee Guys are this way, but I have seen stories on TV about how this becomes almost cult-like and guys travel around and try to make a living off of playing Golden Tee tournaments. So between Golden Tee Guy and almost getting swept up in the whirlwind of a bar fight it was an interesting Saturday Night.

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