Quiet Moments  

kewlbeanz4fun 49M
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8/5/2006 2:42 am
Quiet Moments

It is 5 am. The air is still and the heat of the coming day has not arrived. I stand outside, the cool night air still fresh and absent of the throng of humanity. Here your mind is free not to think or free to drift where ever it may go. It is the one thing some many have forgotten it seems in these days of instant everything.

The quiet moment to focus, re-center, and contemplate life events. I remember my quiet moments and cherish them. One such moment was on a hunt in the everglades. It was a mid-day slip hunt. For those not from the south a slip-hunt is where you move slowly and silently through the woods, tracking an animal hoping to catch up and make your kill.

On this day it was a beautiful winter day in South Florida. The air was still, the occasional soft breeze would whistle through the tops of the spanish moss covered cypress and oaks. I found myself on the edge of a small dry hammock. The hammock had not been taken over by palmettos and was in the cent of a stand of acient cypress trees.

The cypress were fortunate to have wild orchids growing on them and the last of the winter citrus blossoms could be smelled in the air. The water was still and polished like a mirror, reflecting the blue sky and lazy white clouds that floated over head.

I chanced upon a stump, just right for sitting. It was dry and solid. I sat down and place my shotgun to the side. I looked up to the heavens and asked the great spirit for peace. I did not kill that day. I did not want to. Such savagery of the hunt would have destroyed the quiet my mind had found.

I sat there breathing it in and finding my place of total emptiness. The trees whispered, the orchids bloomed. Even the rest of nature had seemed to stop for a moment in this quiet beatiful spot, as if to pay hommage to it. It was a place of power and peace. I had found that moment of quiet I so desparately wanted. My soul at ease, no spectators, no advisors, no one needing me, no judges, just me.

I sat and I gently weeped. Tradgedies, love lost, family lost, sorrow, happiness, regret, all there just in that moment. No time, no sense of urgency, just me.

After that, I slung my shotgun and eased back to the camp. There would be no killing today. I sat by the camp fire that was freshly stoked and lost myself in the flames. I slept that night and dreamed of my quiet moment. I pray my place of power and peace still exist and are happy.

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