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Lust Letters

I writing a blog what do you say? I find it a perfect forum to poor out ramblings. Depending on where your blog lives and the potential audience you put down the ramblings as appropriate. As I am a man and I have the typical male 3 track mind - SEX,SEX,SEX, then I felt I would do lust letters. Here I will post fantasies, diversions and perversions. Hope you enjoy the reading.

kewlbeanz4fun 49M

7/7/2006 3:29 pm

It was a great day. We rode the back roads to one of our favorite secluded areas. It was a little wooded hollow, just of the road in Connecticut. We had a wonderful ferry ride from the island and had talked about cruising to our little hide away. As we were on the ferry we had noticed a rather attractive lady rider. We had met up with her in the Bar on the ferry.

We introduced ourselves and paid compliments on her ride. She returned by saying her name was Kat and that she had noticed us as well. The hour long ferry ride made for great conversation over a glass of wine and some snacks. We asked where she was headed and found that she was just out for a ride. We were too. We invited her along and she eagerly accepted.

We felt chemistry already and I caught my goddess and Kat stealing glances and making subtle touches as we conversed. Once the boat docked we headed out on to the road. Kat was riding a sleek black Buell that greatly complemented her own racing lines. I was straddled on my fatty with my goddess tucked tightly behind me. We rode and let the wind remind us of freedom and times without worry.

We rode for a few hours and came to our favorite roadside cafe. We had great gourmet food hidden in the guise of a roadside bar. As the ladies entered I noticed that they continued to draw closer together. As a man, I was rock hard just at the thought of it.

After a wonderfully light lunch of lobster salad, crusty bread and goat cheese, with a nice Sancerre, we were ready to ride again. Some how I had missed the plan the two ladies had hatched and was caught off guard on the way out. My goddess whispered in my ear, “Lets go to the spring!”, as the Kat, squeezed my ass from behind. Needless to say we had to go.

As I began to mount Silver (that’s my bike) Goddess informed me she would ride with Kat. This was new! As they mounted the Buell, I saw a vision of heaven, two beautiful women mounting a beautiful machine.

As I prepared to move out, I took one last glance at these beautiful creatures and spied my goddess, arms locked around Kat, and her fingers nestled between her thighs. We launched our bikes on to the rode and I took lead. One to give them space and two to lead the way.

We took about another hour to reach the spring. It was a lovely patch in Northwest Connecticut. We had purchased the land a while ago and had gone so far as to put a primitive cabin on it. There was a cold mount stream that ran right through the 50 acres and a single dirt road leading to the center. We erected the cabin using traditional Cherokee ways and had blessed it as such.

There was a lovely cool rock spring about 20 feet from the cabin that ran off into the stream. We had carefully enlarged it to make it a natural outdoor tub, which was great on hot days. Today was really hot for many reasons. As we pulled up to the cabin I performed my usual checks for squatters and vagrants only to find none. Most never came this far out.

As I returned from my little patrol, I realized I did not see the ladies. It wasn't long though when I heard the typical giggles from the spring. As I approached I was astonished to see that the two had shed their clothes and where well into enjoying the cool water flow over their curvaceous and most beautiful bodies. As they spotted me they asked if I could go get some wine for us and if we could spend the night. What was I to do but respond, hell YES!

Check back soon for part 2.

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