Reality - beleive it or not.  

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1/17/2006 4:40 pm

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Reality - beleive it or not.

I’ve been reliving this one a lot lately so felt I had to share it. It’s a true story and has multiple parts since it took a few days to accomplish it all. Ill finish the story as I have time

Id known her for some time and lusted after her before knowing her. She was a very well endowed blonde with a tiny waist. Id been teasing her all evening in various ways, flirting kidding etc. We sat down to eat at the function we were attending and she sat across the table from my (now ex) wife and I. At one point I noticed my wife had a strange expression on her face but didn’t think much of it at the time. During a break between courses the blonde (whom Ill call T for anonymities sake) excused herself to go and greet friends. My wife leaned over and informed me that T had maneuvered her foot into my wife’s crotch and rubbed incessantly almost until she had left. I was asked to go and find out what her intentions were. I found her in a corner talking to a mutual friend and after separating them I asked her if she intended to carry on with what she had started and if I was invited. She answered by giving me a deep passionate kiss and letting me know that she was seriously in the mood. Dinner was finished and a few drinks had amid discreet teasing and fondling. Afterwards we made a beeline to our house. The women headed for the bedroom as I locked up and turned out the lights. By the time I got there clothes lay all around the room and the two of them were already locked in sexual struggle in the bed, rolling kissing rubbing. I made record time getting naked and into bed. T had her back to me and my hand found my wife’s leg. I followed it to find T rubbing her slit on my wife’s thigh which was already wet with T’s juices. I slid my hand between the three thighs and found T’s honey pot and I gently caressed her button. She gasped loudly and my wife said she thought I had better fill that wet hole. My wife moved and I entered T from behind, while lying on our sides, pulling her leg up. My wife caressed where we were joined and paid a little attention to T’s clit. I hadn’t thrust more than 5 times when T came loudly. Her bucking dislodged my member from her slit and she lie shuddering in my wife’s arms a few moments. When she came to her senses she started kissing and licking her way down my wife’s body. She found her way to my wife’s slit and began really working her over. I realized this was going to be a long night and so I laid a few toys out then climbed back in bed. T’s backside was elevated and so as she worked my wife over I positioned my self behind her and drove my member into her swollen slit. I started pounding away as hard and deep as I could and within the first couple of thrusts my wife came dislodging Ts mouth. T took the opportunity to start really thrusting back at me and just as I was reaching my peak she came and fell on her face dislodging me. She rolled on her side and I watched the convulsions of ecstasy cause her magnificent tits jiggle. My wife seeing that I was about to blow grabbed the base of my member and whispered that I couldn’t go off yet since she hadn’t had her turn. Still holding and squeezing she pushed me back and mounted me. She started thrusting slowly and T having come back to her senses started rubbing my wife’s backside and my balls. My wife really moaned when T probed the hole I wasn’t filling and so she picked up a thin vibrator added a little lube and slid it in. My wife let out a loud deep moan pushed back and started making those short sharp breaths of someone whose close to the edge. I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her tight to me and took over thrusting. Then T turned on the vibrator. I blew my wad within seconds and my wife wasn’t far behind. My wife recovered before I did and she and T went at it with vibrators for a while. As soon as I was able I mounted T missionary style and I pounded her watching those big tits bounce with every stroke till I blew a big wad deep inside her. We all sort of passed out and when I woke up I discovered that T was gone. I found her in the guest room and she and I had another session. After she had gotten off a couple times and I planted another load she kissed me and said she had to get going. She went off to the shower and I went back to my room where my wife was urging a vibrator having gotten hot and bothered hearing us in the other room. I took the place of the vibrator and we had a lengthy session. When I rolled off we noticed T in the door dressed and ready to go with a big smirk on her face. She came and kissed both of us and invited us to a ski resort the next weekend but that’s another story.

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