Well well well  

kettle56 61M
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5/14/2006 2:45 pm
Well well well

Had a good day today cos I went to ****** and had my meet with ********* and she's very nice.No names cos it's not nice to tell is it.Think I might be in with a chance as she thought I might just push all her buttons.Well,she didn't say that but I have to dream on a bit.
Got tomorrow off so I guess it will have to be a BLOODY HOUSEWORK day again.If it wasn't for that poxy little cat of mine the place would be much cleaner,I'd have more spare time and more cash in my pocket.The little sod is in love again so he's off his food AGAIN!.
Off for some beauty sleep now.Last but one blog cos tomorrows' the 15th so one more day to go.

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