Is it just me??? Don't think so  

kennyg490 61M
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7/6/2006 9:18 pm

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7/14/2006 5:17 pm

Is it just me??? Don't think so

Lately (the past 2 months especially) AdultFriendFinder has sunk. I have a 3.7mg cable connection but it still takes upwards of 3 minutes to view a profile. And webcams are almost impossible to see. I get hardly anything there but so and so has stopped broadcasting. And all this for 30 bucks a month? I know this is a business to make money, but where is customer service? seems (maybe just in my mind) that certain members never get shortchanged. I've seen one webcam (and no names) that broadcasts a lady sleeping, and I've never once seen a stop broadcasting message from there. From the heresay , webcams have been cut off, profiles accidently deleted and such. Is this just pay more censorship? AdultFriendFinder likes to brag about having more than a million peeps, but you would think they would upgrade their servers to handle it. I'll admit, I'm a computer geek, so I installed a program to monitor bit tranfer rates. AdultFriendFinder has a normal transfer of 13.9 kb. I had that when I got my first computer, and on windows 3.1. I'm thinking that greed has taken control here, and I'll probably be banned, but I just had to say it.
Is anyone else having probs like me??I know this is just a blog and not a forum (forums are not here, go figure), but a question? Anyone else having the same? Let me know, ok?

rm_mainevern 52M
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7/6/2006 9:47 pm

I havn't exactly been impressed with the site performance during the evening hours (no, I know it isn't my 20Mbps connection that's the problem ). I've had spells of not having my pics come up or it telling me I had 0 points during this time period as well, so apparently they aren't keeping up with the load.

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