An interest with Certainty  

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9/8/2005 10:55 pm

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An interest with Certainty

This is the first of my blog. I am tired of the same old yellow journalism with all the liberal acts of stupidity. Not sure if someone agrees but it is true. Tired of the same ol crap, who is..

The gas prices spike should have never happen. You have to be serious why would they allow this and the impact on the society.

I really hate the Katrina, why did they stay. How come it took the government to interact?

What the heck does it get someone to talk, or chat with you on this site? I want to meet people not necessarily talk about the Donkey. Someone please show me the way, what the hell is up with that.

Not till today, I was doing some searching for webcams. Noticed that this guy has a scroctum the size of two fists. This is not normal. I am straight, but I had too look this was freaking weird. It was a couple that I will not mention who they are. The reason this is weird not sure if anyone is out there that ever had this happen. When I was playing baseball, got hit square in the Balls... They got as big a grapefruits; it was my last thought thinking about any woman at that time. His, the guy that are doing the web couple were the size of a watermelon (a little exaggeration).

rm_kennyb73221 50M

9/12/2005 5:45 am

Wanted to respond to my own blog. It is very interesting and see if it works, but as you see from above it is still true.

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