Sunday Down Under  

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4/29/2006 5:00 pm

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Sunday Down Under

Sunday, day of rest.
Checked my lotto.........Bugger, still have to work.

Work....That four letter word. The word more bad than "Fuck".
Well lest Fuck is enjoyable.

In my job, you meet alot of people. Some of the are nice, some people you wish you never meet. But that's life.

Have look a some of this.

Quotes from some Aussie's

We cannot own the land. We are but custodians of the land - Oodgeroo of the tribe (Noonuccal)
Supermarkets stand condemned as symbols of man's inhumanity to women - Phillp Adams.
Shoot straight, you bastards. Don't make a mess of it - Harry (The Breaker) Morant (1865 - 1902) (before they shot him)
No man is a hero in his own county - Sir John Monash (1865 - 1931)
There is nothing so costly to the state as a ruined life - Catherine Spence (1823 - 1910)
Charity begis at home, and seems nowadays to end there - Marcus Clarke (1846 - 1881)
The first rule in opera is the first rule in life: see to everything youself - Dame Nellie Melba (1861 - 1931)
Every journalist has a novel inside him, and that's where it should stay - John Blackman
Life wasn't meant to be easy - Malcolm Fraser (PM Aust, 1975-1983)
Never take any notice of anonymous letters, unless you get a few thousand on the same subject - Sir Robert Menzies (1894 - 1978 ) (PM Aust 1939-1941 and 1949-1966)
Ah well, suppose it has come to this!...Such as life! - Ned Kelly (1855 - 1880) (before he was hanged)
We may well say "God save the Queen", because nothing will save the Governor General - Gough Whitlam (PM Aust 1972-1975, sacked by the GG)


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