ANZAC DAY (Lest we forget)  

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ANZAC DAY (Lest we forget)


On this day 25th of April. Is the Day that we Aussie's and Kiwi's remember's our Men & Women that served in WW1 WW2 and all the rest of the wars we were in (even if it is know by other names).

It was the day that we landed on the Turkish shores (Gallipoli). This cost us a lot of lives.

There was an Australian movie made in 1980/1, "About Gallipoli" (the real battle would be a lot worse). Staring a young Mel Gisbon.

ANZAC Day ‒ 25 April ‒ is the day Australians remember the original landing on Gallipoli in 1915.
The spirit of ANZAC, with its human qualities of courage, mateship and sacrifice, continues to have meaning and relevance for our sense of national identity.

On this day, the service of our veterans is acknowledged in ceremonies held in towns and cities across the nation.

The ever-growing attendances testify to ANZAC Day’s significance for all Australians. In Canberra, the Memorial, in close cooperation with RSL ACT, hosts the Dawn Service and the National ANZAC Day Ceremony.

25 April 2006 is the 91st anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. The Gallipoli campaign resulted in the deaths of over 8,000 Australians and in the creation of an enduring “ANZAC legend”, both powerful factors in Australia’s continuing remembrance of war.

I should point out, That it is also New Zealand's day as well. They also service for King and country as well as Australia has done.

Also the Turks (whom have lost as many if not more lives) also pays respect on this day.

Any one is welcome to give more information.

I am and will be forever grateful to these Men & Women.


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Liefs C

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The Turks rightly view the whole campaign as a Victory, and found a man to lead modern day Turkey into the 20th Century, Ataturk.
The Turks know the importance of Gallipoli to ANZACS, and share with us the site as sacred ground for all. A tribute to the courage, mateship, hardship and sacrifice on both sides of the line of trenches. Today if an Earthquake strikes Turkey, Australia and New Zealand, even though far away, are amongst the first to render assistance, because that's what mates are for.

The British view the whole campaign as a defeat, one which haunted Churchill all during the Second World War.

For Australian's and New Zealander's it was a defeat, but also it marks the beginning of our transformation into independent nations from British Colonies. It also marks the beginning of the ANZAC [Australian and New Zealand Army Corp] Legend, and it has bonded our nations together in times of war and peace, good and bad ever since.

It cost everyone dearly, but soon the battlefields of France would soon devour many of the "old hands" and "new chums" alike at a rate which would over shadow Gallipoli many times. Welcome to the "Western Front" where the "Meat Grinder" of trench warfare would prove once and for all, that Courage and Bravery are no match for Barbed Wire, Massed Artillery, Mortar Fire and Maxim Machine Guns.

If every politician in the world had to experience for themselves what it is like to man a gun pit at night and under fire, while cold tired, scared, wet and hungry, there would be no wars.


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Yes I agree.

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