I am a real person not a peice of meat  

kelly_pamela 53T
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2/11/2006 6:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I am a real person not a peice of meat

Well the downside to becoming more popular is some of the rather direct attention you can get.
I mean for example a paged message invite that just says "can i fuck you now" or "suck my cock" is unlikely to get a response from me or i would think most anyone so guys take the hint.
The people who i am most likely to respond to are polite requests or friendly greetings i have found that if people treat you with respect then they are more likely to get my respect back.
I dont know about anybody else but respect is usually a two way street.
Also really pushy men who wont take no for an answer really annoy me especially one italian gent (i use that term very loosly) chatting from last night.
He was begging me to stay and chat even though it was late and i wanted to go he kept pleading and begging and then even had the nerve to send me a snotty e-mail this morning after i got fed up and just cut him loose.
Any comments on how to deal with idiots like this would be appreciated other than just ignoring them .

sideline1968 49F

2/13/2006 9:36 am

Thought I would drop by and say hello. May I say ... lovely photographs. They display passion without being ... well ... let's just say "over the top" (to keep things from getting vulgar) .
I really like the shower photograph. 'Course I'm sort of into the whole shower thing anyway.

To answer your question. If they get to nasty you can always report it to the powers that be. I don't know how well it would work ...

Myself ... if they tick me off to badly ... they get written up!
AdultFriendFinder will not let you post handles if you are trashing or bi****ng about a specific member ... but there are ways to let everyone know who you are talking about. I don't think the guys who can't take no for an answer ever visit the blogs anyway. It might not be a nice thing to do ... but it makes me feel "Oh so much better!"

Thanks for taking a peek at my blog today. Good luck in finding what you are looking for.


kelly_pamela 53T

2/13/2006 11:05 am

Why thank you very much the advice is much appreciated.

WellhungTrigger 44M
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2/14/2006 8:57 pm

Usually, it is best to ignore those idiots.

You can also hit the "block this member" button.

I like that one. Works wonders

kelly_pamela 53T

2/15/2006 9:18 am

Yes i must find that button or get my eyes tested as at first glance it might have said something else to me LOL


2/15/2006 11:04 am

Oh poor little darling from one bombshell to the next be carefull for people not just men can become so mean and nasty in the wrong way when it comes to the word No, I too had to write about that in my BLOGY sometime back.
Stay gorgeous.

kelly_pamela 53T

2/15/2006 2:08 pm

Thanks for advise Kink and I am fully aware how mean people can be i think its just something in some their nature.
I also intend to stay as gorgeous as possible but I have a long way to catch you up though.

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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2/15/2006 6:47 pm


Purry {=}


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