sweet love ......sweet desire  

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2/26/2006 12:34 am

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sweet love ......sweet desire

I love,
I desire,,,,
his touch which I have yet to feel.
His breath on my skin which I long to feel.
For when he touches me there will be no going back.

Everything destroyed and reformed in the instant of one touch. His arms sliding around me, holding me close, just talking, his sweet voice echoing in my ears. His body cradling mine.
So close.
Never to be the same again. For the better? For the worst? Unknowing we stand on the precipice yearning to find out. To take that last step.
To know.
Might it go wrong.
Our fantasies nothing but illusions?
I say No.
I belive.
I know we are so much more. I feel my soul waiting, Oh so patiently for him to come, to touch, That last thing that keeps us apart. Touch. I yearn, I long for it. As I have desired nothing else in this lifetime.

Please touch me, I beg.....I plead in a whisper...touch me and make me whole.

© Kel

pic is © Don Monroe couple I made the background and saying

Pic saying "I can feel your touch..... even though you are miles away..." Made with him in mind ..

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