Sundown....and dreams  

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1/22/2006 4:09 pm

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Sundown....and dreams

As the sun slowly sets, decending intot the treetopsthe warm sunlight fades to purple and this world fades from my eyes as I begin to dream,,,,

I sit by the fire drowsily watching the play of flames while I lay on the floor nearby. I feel a spidery touch on my arm and then the touch becomes more firm as I feel my lovergenly caressing my skin. Softly, oh so softly...moving from my arm to my full breast. Just brushing the skin and makeing my nipples harden in response. He teases me with gentle fingertips all around the curve of my breast sending chills of delight up and down my spine. I peek at him through my lashes to see just what he thinks of my responses. I see him looking at me with a mischvious smile. He gives me a slow wink as his hands dip lower caressing me most intamtely wringing a soft moan from my lips. He leans over me and brushes his lips aginst mine as he continues to caress me in lower tighter places ....making me moan gently into his mouth.

I can no longer hold myslef still and my fingers begin their own exploration and it is his turn to maon as I teasingly run my hands over the skin on his chest and slowly circle his nipples. As he begins to lose concentration I ease myself up a little and begin to add my lips and tounge to the exploration my toungecircling his nipples as my fingertips start to explore lower and lower wringing moans and soft sighs from him. My ands slowly slip beneath the covers covering us both and I discover just how much he is enjoying my teasing and playful nips. I grin aginst his skin as my fingers encircle his member gently. His skin is soft that I am super gentle as I slide my hand gently up and down the shaft making him moan and clutch my shoulders.

"Tighter" he moaned into my ear as I nibbled and sucked on his nipples ....I tightened my grip on his now hard and throbbing cock, still stroking it slowly and teasingly out of rythem. I nibble my way down his stomach and slowly force his legs apart as Ithrow off the blanket. On my knees between his legs I lay my head along one thigh gazing up at him as I still stroke him with one hand.....I see him looking down at me knowing what is coming next and seeing the mechivious smile that always lights up my face as he waits ..... I bring my mouth closer and my tounge flicks out and licks the inner joint of his leg.....then my mouth and teeth gently join it nibling and licking so close to his balls he can feel my breath aginst them. then slowly I move my mouth over a little and begin to lightly lick and kiss his balls ....slowly sucking them into my mouth and ever so gently sucking and licking at the base of his now rock hard cock. Now he is moaning and pleading for me to please...... grinning I oblige....slowly licking my way up the shaft till the tips is slowly licked and the little ridge of skin at the top is under assault from my tounge. Like a light whip it flicks bac and forth. Then I slowly take the tip into my mouth sucking gently as I move further down the shaft, until I can go no further and I slowly start to pull back twisting my head slightly and let him feel the roof ridge of my mouth slide over the tip of his cock as I pull up to the very top again then plunge back down quickly to get his whole shaft into my mouth again I continue to suck and lick him I softly caress his balls, he is now moaning and pleading with me to stop before it is too late....I stop pull him out of my mouth and smile at best evil smile. He looks up see me smile and groans knowing that he has no choice......I begin going down on him again strokes and licks twice as fast....then slowing for a little bit only to speed up again....I can feel his legs clench his maoning is loud in my ears as I feel him trying to hold back......Then I feel him jerk in my mouth his moans louder and sweet sounding as he quickly explodes in my mouth....

Hope y'all enjoyed my dreams

Rockhard2x6 55M

1/23/2006 6:01 am

OMG now I need to go clean myself off. Very Good!

Rockhard2x6 55M

1/23/2006 6:18 am

I always read you blog sweeite, It is on the list of about 5 or 6 I read every day.

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1/23/2006 6:36 am

hugs hun and thanks can see why I don't write too much ....specially with spell check broken lol.

rm_HOTROD2753 50M
90 posts
11/23/2006 7:14 pm

dam!!!!!! left me speachless.have to take a cold shower. now that tongue is really going to bother me.

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