keithcancook's grandmother  

keithcancook 61M
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5/30/2005 8:20 am
keithcancook's grandmother

My maternal grandmother was a very interesting woman. She was a full blooded Sicilian and she was one of nine children. Her husband ran the local tavern in Hermanie, Pa. and he was one of the most popular men in that little town. He died rather young in an unfortunate accident, and in the following years my grandmother moved around quite often.

She would stay with various family members for a month or three and became a professional baby sitter. She would care for the children of her many clients when they would leave town for vacations and other sundry reasons. Over the course of this she developed quite a style. To entertain the children she told them stories. She made them up in her head and over time these stories and their characters developed continuity and carried a rich background. As children, these stories mesmerized my cousins and sisters and myself. Television was in its infancy and was something we children were beginning to love, but when grandma began her storytelling we all gathered around and listened eagerly.

One of her creations was ladybird. Ladybird brought candy and left it on the windowsill for "good" children. I loved ladybird. I would constanly be asking grandma if she knew when ladybird might be visiting us soon, and where she might be at this moment. Grandma would tell me that ladybird was visiting these children here and those children there and that she would never forget to check in on little keith and his sisters. I believe that ladybird was the inspiration for my first hobby as a young boy....bird watching and building and painting bird models that my mother would buy for me.

My own children got visits from ladybird as I continued this storyline even though grandma was not with us anymore. Also, my children were told stories in the "grandma tradition" when I put them to bed each night. Occasionally I would read to them, but they were more eager for "daddys stories" which I made up (usually as I was telling them); creating my own roster of original characters (they really loved my "mad dog john" stories). Storytelling as a form of entertainment for children seems to be waning in these modern times. Now parents prefer to let television, movies and other forms of media entertain their children rather than spending the time to do it themselves. Such a pity...

rm_jayR63 60F
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5/30/2005 4:44 pm

That is truly lovely. You and yours are very fortunate.
The only story I recall my grandmother telling was of the "stringy haired man" who was sure to get us when we went for drives in the country.
My family put the funk in dysfunctional.

Barbiebunny69 44F

5/30/2005 5:15 pm

I love this story very much.. Grandmas knew where it was at. I loved my grammas stories. They were so colorful and creative. I love the ladybird story Sooooo sweet and personal..*swoon**

rm_BigDnLady 44M/42F
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5/30/2005 5:31 pm

This was very nice, keith!! I know what you mean about spending time with your kids, and staying "in touch" with their lives!! I have my fun, but talk to them all the time, and we play games together!! I try very hard with my kids because my own mother and I are not very close, and never have been! I want better for my kids, and want them to come to me about anything!! Great to see that from a male perspective!! Awesome post from such a jokester, nice to see the tender side!!!



purejoy4fem 47F/45F
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5/30/2005 5:31 pm

I think I will tell my nieces and nephews about Ladybird in honor of your grams

rm_bella_ 48F
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5/30/2005 6:12 pm

Such a beautiful story...sometimes its these little things we remember from our parents and grandparents. My grandmother used to sing us a song...L'uccellino...we were too young to concentrate on the i realize it is a dirty little song...memories!


5/30/2005 7:01 pm

AWWWWWWWWW See everyone he does have a big heart to go along with his sense of humor, to this day I still tell my son stories, we were also brought up that way.I imagine you are one hell of a daddy and your children`s are enriched, having you as their mom and dad

Kisses and huggs
your buddy Blonde

PailsDiverHonks 56F

5/30/2005 8:47 pm

Blonde, I was going to say the same thing. Keith is back!
Nice story Keith. My grandmother lived with us when I was growing up. She wasn’t a story teller but she was one heck of a cook. All of those ethnic foods my grandmother taught us have been taught to my kids. My brothers and sisters are doing the same. I love it when my daughter would call me from school asking how to “make” such and such. A pinch of this, a touch of that, smell it, taste it. No recipe to go on, you just think of how grandma did it.

missy97330 48F

5/30/2005 8:59 pm

Aww, so sweet.

MrsGreenhenky 38F

5/30/2005 9:21 pm

"mad dog john" this we gotta hearHope everyone is sitting comfortably so now keith can begin...............

XIITheHangedMan 64M

5/30/2005 10:29 pm

Keith, I may just throw my tv out the window. I'm glad this election stuff is over.

keithcancook 61M
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5/31/2005 12:08 am

it's ok XII. shit happens.

GleesFlakyShawl 51M
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5/31/2005 7:04 am

keith, i guess what i feel is like most had mentioned here

u made me travel back to my childhood...infance flavors, sounds, memories. I feel lucky enough to be able to travel "back" quite often (i keep on nourishing my inner child). But ur blog touched me deep inside....thank you!

ps: and i do agree with the TV blues

RiperPraysMauls 52F

5/31/2005 10:18 am

keith will you cum tell me a bedtime story? ...
Your children to have you to keep your family history and traditions alive.

papyrina 52F
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6/1/2005 2:04 pm

kieth,i'm 40 and still have those wonderful memories of cuddling up with my dad and having stories read to me,your own children will continue this story and memories to there own children,
thankyou for sharing

I'm a

i'm here to stay

rm_EE407 42F
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6/5/2005 2:59 am

That's a lovely story... I don't remember my parents telling me stories at bedtime. If I ever have kids, I will make it a point to read to them or tell them my own made up stories.
I have three nieces. When I visit and it's my "turn" to put them to bed (which I love doing) we all sit on one bed together and auntie reads to them. They always "sucker" me into reading longer than my sister does, but hey... I only see my sister 2 or 3 times a year because she doesn't live in Holland. So I tend to spoil the kids a bit when I do see them....

redrobin012057 61F

8/8/2006 5:02 am

Sorry Keith but I never new my grandmother,and I wish she could have told me stories like that.But coming here and reading those stories, makes me feel that I wan't left out.

rm_koocnachtiek 61M
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8/8/2006 6:57 am

Oh thank you for saying so, redrobin. I have a big smile in my heart right now.

Is this just another trick by keithcancook
to get his text on television?

(Princess Lips)

8/14/2006 11:09 pm


I need a good bedtime story...


stormyonegood 64F

12/14/2006 3:29 am

It's sad that there is not the family unit like when we were young...

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