A Fantasy Comes True  

keithcancook 61M
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3/24/2005 10:41 am
A Fantasy Comes True

While responding in another blog on the subject of fantasies I told how my fantasy had already come true. I am reposting the body of it here as a new addition to my own blog....

Well my fantasy would be to travel the world for the rest of my life.
If you mean sexual fantasy then it already has come true. I had always fantasized about being taken by a woman I had never met before. A few years ago I put a rental add in the local paper to rent some property. A 20 year old asian woman showed up dressed in loose fitting pink sweats that kept riding low on her hips as I showed her the house. When we walked into the first room she brushed up next to me and her hand bumped into my loins. She giggled and apoligized but I swear I felt that she might actually have done that on purpose (I was correct in that assumption considering what followed next). I was wearing some sweats and no underwear at the time. When I followed her into the bathroom she bent over at the waist keeping her legs straight and knees unbent as she looked into the cabinet under the sink. Her bottom pressed into my loins this time her movement was so sudden. My heart started racing as I realized that this woman was teasing me on purpose. I kept my position and she felt me beginning to stir through the fabric of our sweats. She then stood up and turned around slowly to face me. As she did this she lifted up her shirt to reveal her bare breasts to me and told me if I liked them to please suck on them immediately. Within seconds we were all over each other. We retired to the bedroom where she got on her knees and pulled my sweats off revealing my hardening pecker. She gasped with pleasure when she found that I was shaven and that I was well endowed on top of it. She gave me head, I returned the favor and then we screwed for a half hour after that. When it was over I thanked her for "making an old man's fantasy" come true and she left.
That is when I started thinking about what had just happened with a contented smile. My smile was instantly wiped from my face when I realized what I had just done with a stranger and I had used NO PROTECTION. I began worrying that I had just done something dangerous for these times....unprotected sex with a person you know nothing about. Fortunately she was clean and now I have had a fantasy fulfilled.

playfulwithyou33 57F
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4/2/2005 3:47 pm

Oh, Mr. Landlord, how ever will we work out the rent situation? (Sassy biker chick with a bit of a rent deficit) (her doe like eyes penetrate his)

Oh, I sooooooooo need to live here. (she advances into his space) Isn't there something we could work out?

Hey, you cook and you didn't join my food group? What's that about? sheesh...JOIN! lol EROTICISM THRU FOOD

Cathleen (Catt)aka playfulwithyou33
{not really a biker chick; more like an ex landlord...snicker}{and a somewhat sassy chick}
But I do like to play.

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