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The Ringer and more

The Ringer

I hate Jackass. I think it's a stupid, moronic show that guys like Knoxville prostitute themselves for money. It's juvenile, not funny at all, and is just embarrasing.

I was really sceptical of this movie. My bf pointed it out at Blockbuster. I turned it over, read the summary and said "Oh hell no." If you watch South Park, Cartman does the exact same thing. He goes into the special olympics under false pretenses to get the money.

The actual plot isn't really a gem. Knoxville can't fire a janitor, so he gives him a job as a gardner. The man's fingers are cut off, and Knoxville needs 28k to get the fingers sewn back on. Jimmy's uncle needs money to get loansharks off his back. So he persuades Jimmy to join the special Olympics. What a dick. There, I said it.

I was really starting to hate this movie, when the actual lives of the disabled contestants were shown. They're people. They have feelings, wants, needs, and thoughts. They train HARD. People just don't realize how hard these people have it. They're perfectly normal.

This is a comedy movie, but I thought it was so much more. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

The funniest line in this movie was "When the f*** did we get ice cream?" You really have to see it in its context. Absolute gold.

Flip the movie over and see the special features. Watch the story behind the special Olympics. When that mother said "They said he would never walk, talk, think for himself, and to put him in a mental institution.." that is EXACTLY what the Shriners said about me. To the T. I would never talk right, walk, or think. I would be a vegetable. Best left locked away in an asylum. And that was in 1984. As you can see, I'm disabled, yes. I have speech problems. I can't pronounce the letter "R" correctly. I have both legs amputated. I have an IQ of 133. I can read, I can speak, and yes I can walk with prosthetic legs. Because my mother said "You're wrong. I know she can do those things. I won't throw her away and walk away, because it might be difficult to try to work things out."

What I want everyone to do is go to Google and type in "Pete Singer." I'm sure most of the things are tame now. What this.. person did was argue that mentally challenged people could be used in lab experimentation. Because an "intelligent monkey" is worth more than a "stupid adult human." I am NOT MAKING THIS UP. Also, he says that it's perfectly OK for mothers to kill their unborn babies if they're mentally or physically disabled. Oh, and AFTER birth also. Since they "can't speak for themselves." Of course they can't speak, THEY'RE 6 months old or younger. They can't sit up and say "You know what, don't kill me. I want to live. I DESERVE to live. I'm a person, not some parasite."

Pete Singer is hailed as a HUMANITARIAN. Yes. He's loved by the liberals and Democtrats. Not ALL of them, however. And I'm not Republican or Democrat, I'm human.

I'll let you decide for yourselves. After watching The Ringer and seeing REAL mentally challenged adults, would you say "You're less than a monkey?" I sincerely hope not.

OldHippy1957 60M

7/21/2006 4:40 pm

You are inspiring! I can tell your mother is a wonderful, loving, and caring person. I hope you find everything you're looking for!

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