Radio songs  

katyahottie 33F
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7/10/2006 9:59 am
Radio songs

So many boy bands sing about love, but it sounds really stupid to me. They're mostly saying that the woman should leave her bf and go for HIM. Haha. That seems so stupid. Like "Gallery." She's a money-grubbing ho. Who cares if he treats her like shit? She wants that dollar-dollar! And the singer's poor ass isn't going to get her pussy. Yet he says "Is the money worth your soul?"

For her, yeah. Sorry, Will. You're not going to get her. Sloppy seconds aren't worth it, dude.

I broadcasted earlier today and had 755 viewers! Wow. I thought my legs would scare them off. I'm an amputee. And no, my bf won't cam. He likes to keep our sex life private, which is fine.

And yes he knows I'm on AdultFriendFinder. He says it's fine, since I'm horny a LOT, and the poor tired guy just can't keep up.

Older men are hot. My bf's 45. He's great to me, and he's the best in bed. We 69, use handcuffs, spanking, all kinds of stuff. Hooray for sex!

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