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katyahottie 33F
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7/9/2006 12:28 pm
About contacting me

Since I'm standard, I can't reply as much as I'd like. So wait for me to reply, and if I'm interested, I'll invite you to my network. I use the AdultFriendFinder's IM only. I'm always on visible to friends only, because I get WAY too many IMs.

I hate emails that just say "IM me at __" It's stupid, and I only use AdultFriendFinder. And I can tell if you read my profile or not. If you ask to meet me, I know that you didn't even glance at my profile. You just saw the naked pic and went wild. LOL.

I'm not into couples, and my bf and I are not into swinging. We're selfish, I guess. We only have sex with each other.

If you don't have a picture on your profile, attach one. I'm visual too, you know. Dick pics aren't necessary. They look the same to me, and they don't excite me. As for viewing cams, I won't on here. I can't broadcast and view at the same time, or the IM will crash. I broadcast at night. But remember, I'm a woman. I have "that time of the month" so for a week or so I won't get on cam. Deal with it.

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