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Just for Laughs

In Case of an Accident:

- Remove your seat belt. If you were not wearing your seat belt, remove shards of windshield.
- Check all your passengers and make sure everyone agrees on the same story to tell the cops.
- Check for injuries. If none, immediately decide who will fake what for the insurance.
- If there's any part of your car that is not damaged, but you would like to have repaired for free, damage it.
- Extinguish all smoking materials including cigarettes, cigars, pipes and passengers.
- Retrieve all passengers who were not wearing seat belts from nearby trees,ravines, rockslides
and from under vehicles.
- If there is gas or other flammable fluids spilled on the ground, mark out the perimeter of
the spill with lit flares.
- If the other driver is behaving in an upset or aggressive manner, hit first and ask questions later. One bruise more or less won't matter.
- Make sure you have your license, ownership card
and bribe money for witnesses.

Author: "Red Green's Wife"

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