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My back arches at the intrusion. God it feels so good. My other hand reaches back and unclasps my bra. I slide it off and drop it to the floor. My hand goes back to playing with my nipples. Each time I pinch a wave of pleasure rushes through my pussy. Your hand is moving faster now. Your breath is ragged. You moan as you watch me finger myself. I move my hand from my breasts to my clit, the other is still finger fucking me. I rub at my hard clit and feel my pussy clenching around my fingers. I'm going to cum for you. My back arches up and my fingers push me into ecstasy. Cumming so hard for you. Moaning your name. Wetness floods my hand. I look up at you. You're now standing above me, stroking your cock furiously. Your eyes are wild. You groan and tell me you're going to cum. Cum all over me I tell you. Your head rolls back and you start to shoot your hot spunk all over me. It lands on my pussy, my stomach, my breasts. I scoop it up on my fingers and bring it to my mouth, licking it greedily. You're on your knees now, kneeling in front of me. You pull my fingers from my cunt and bring them to your mouth. Your tongue swirls around them as you taste me. Hungrily, you lean forward and press your lips against mine. Your tongue in my mouth, searching, wanting more...
My clit is throbbing. I need to cum. Imagining you, right there, touching me, fucking me. Oh god. I can feel it. I can feel your cock. I can feel your hardness. I can feel the heat searing through me. Oh god. that's it. My hips push up into the air, my hand buried, deep in my cunt, my fingers on my clit. I groan. My cunt spasms around my fingers, pulsing, clenching. Oh. Oh. Waves of pleasure rush over me. I can feel it in every nerve, every muscle, every essence of my being. I let out a rush of air, gasping for breath, cumming so hard. Groaning loudly, I feel the release.
Relaxing myself back down on the bed, I continue to stroke my clit softly, gently, riding out the rest, enjoying the feelings. I slowly remove my fingers from my cunt and bring them up to my mouth. I lick off my sweetness, knowing how much you will love the taste of me. Sigh. Such wonderful feelings. I can't wait to share them with you.

SingleWarrior 53M

7/20/2006 10:54 pm

Now you're sexually awake dreaming of me? awww... how sweet

katsback replies on 7/21/2006 5:34 am:
yes , you really make me horny warrior,,(=)waits for another round...

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