IRISH AS SHIT ................  

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IRISH AS SHIT ................

im irish,,well we all Know how us irish are,,consceded little bastardS, no not true,,butMccarthy is a good irish name , heard that all my life, and i think growing up everything was painted green, at home,house lawn furniture, even moms car was green, least it was a mustang, lol..and of course we had corned beef and cabbage. i had to listen to my dad sing, ill take you home again kathleen,all my life,it was as bad a revali being sung in the morning to get up, any ways ive decided that being as irish as i am i should put down one of the most important irish songs of its time, course im predjudise to the name,,here it goes,,,,

oh danny boy , the pipes the pipes are calling from glen to glen , and down the mountain side the summers gone,and all the flowers are dying "Tis you, "tis you must go and i must bide.but come yee back when summer's in the meadow or when the valleys hushed and white with snow '"Tis ill be here in the sunshine or in a shadow, oh danny boy, oh danny boy,i love you so. well thats where ill end the song!!! lol..hint hint..

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